Friday, September 25, 2009

If it’s for “peaceful purposes”, why hide it?

What’s wrong with Iran developing nuclear energy? After all, oil resources will be depleted one of these years. Why should we single Iran out to stop their nuclear development?

For example, last year Brazil announced their intention to revive their nuclear capability for peaceful purposes. Why didn’t the world seem to be concerned about that?

I would be all in favor of Iran developing a nuclear capability if it weren’t for a few small details:

  1. Iran is an Islamic nation, the core of the Islamic world, practicing a form of Islam that has an avowed hatred of Jews and other infidels around the world.
  2. Their leaders and many among their population have vowed to eradicate Israel; they deny its right to exist.
  3. Their leaders and many of their people deny the holocaust ever existed; thus they are deniers of reality.
  4. They have hidden their nuclear facilities in attempts to keep their efforts secret.
  5. They have resisted world demands for inspections and have not been forthcoming with their program.
  6. They are concurrently developing a medium and long range missile system capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Their Shahab-5 missile is capable of delivering a warhead a distance of 5,500 km or 3,400 miles, far enough to reach most of Europe with a 1,500 pound warhead. It’s a bit disconcerting to note that there is little information on the internet on the Shahab 5 and 6 later than the early part of this decade. Even Russia is suspicious of Iran’s intent.
  7. They have every motivation to deliver nuclear weapons by unconventional means (suitcase or truck bombs) to further the Islamic terror campaign.

Aside from these problems, sure Iran, go right ahead. The problem with world sanctions is that they tend to be too little too late, and unenforced. Their nuclear facilities and “will to pursue nuclear” should have been eradicated several years ago.

Here’s more on Iran’s new “secret” nuclear facility on Atlas Shrugs.

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