Friday, October 23, 2009

Honor Killings: Women of America – Wake Up!

Especially you liberals and feminists out there.

You are inexplicably silent about the Islamic cultural practice of “honor killings” – the culturally/religiously sanctioned practice of killing wives and daughters who stray from the faith and shame the family.

Lest any are skeptical or ignorant of such practice in the US, here is some evidence for you.


Next, a July 2008 news report titled “Murder in the Family: Honor Killings in America.”

Next, a September 3, 2009 news report titled “Honor Killings on the Rise”.

And then we have the case of 17-year-old Rifqa Bary, the Christian daughter of Islamic parents, who very legitimately fears for her life due to threats from her parents and the teachings of her parents home Mosque.  The courts, ignorant of or simply ignoring this foreign cultural oddity, and more skeptical of Christianity than of Islam, recently ruled to send Rifqa back to her parents.

So, why are so many of us so oblivious to the reality of such practice?  Several reasons:

  1. Cultural-ego-centrism – we cannot fathom the thought that any culture would really condone such a thing.  It is so “un-Judeo-Christian.”  We are so accustomed to our own value system that we ignore the reality of others.
  2. Cultural equivalency – the idea, mainly held by liberals and progressives, that all cultures are equal in value and legitimacy; who are we to judge.  After all, our culture, our heritage isn’t so great.  Look, we killed off the native Americans, will brought slaves from Africa, we are all capitalist pigs.  Any other culture and cultural practice must be at least as good as ours.  Ya, right.  This is “cultural diversity” run amok.
  3. The desire to “get along”.  This is a mixture of fear and misplaced graciousness.  We don’t want to get anyone mad at us.  Graciousness is a great cover for fear and not wanting to address an issue that will kill our culture.  A psycho-babble word for this is “co-dependant.”

When will most of us wake up to the fact we are basically a good and noble nation with a culture and values worth sustaining; that other cultures are less inspiring, less prosperous, less free, and less humane than ours?  Every human being has a past containing events they are not proud of.  But should that destroy the goodness of the person?  The same applies to nations.  We are a nation with a culture worth preserving and defending against insidious foreign cultural practices such as honor killings and Sharia law. 

Remaining ignorant and blind to the reality of these cultural perversions and doing nothing about them is admitting to the valuelessness of our own culture.  How much garbage behavior from other cultures can or should we absorb?

Rifqa, I’m sorry our culture, our legal system, our people, let you down.

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