Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nazis are new US partner in German coalition

That is the moral equivalent of what Obamaniac wants to do in Afghanistan with the Taliban:

“The official…added that the president is prepared to accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan's political future, reiterating what Obama said in March.

The assessment comes from an official who has been involved in the president's discussions with his war council about Afghanistan strategy.” From Fox News “Politics.”

So, did we get it wrong these past several years.? The Taliban is really not so bad? We will now suck up and partner with them to form an Afghan government? You have got to be kidding! Read this excerpt from Wikipedia:

In 1996, Osama bin Laden moved to Afghanistan from Sudan. He came without any invitation from the Taliban, and sometimes irritated Mullah Omar with his declaration of war and fatwa to murder citizens of third-party countries, and follow-up interviews,[97] but relations between the two groups became closer over time, and eventually bonded to the point where Mullah Omar rebuffed its patron Saudi Arabia, insulting Saudi minister Prince Turki and refusing to turn over bin Laden to the Saudis as Omar had reportedly promised to earlier.[98] Bin Laden was able to forge an alliance between the Taliban and his Al-Qaeda organization. It is understood that Al-Qaeda-trained fighters known as the 055 Brigade were integrated with the Taliban army between 1997 and 2001. Several hundred Arab Afghan fighters sent by bin Laden assisted the Taliban in the slaughter at Mazar-e-Sharif.[99] Taliban-Al-Qaeda connections, were also strengthened by the reported marriage of one of bin Laden's sons to Omar's daughter. During Osama bin Laden's stay in Afghanistan, he may have helped finance the Taliban.[100][101]

Perhaps the biggest favor Al-Qaeda did for the Taliban was the assassination by suicide bombing[102] of the Taliban's most effective military opponent mujahideen commander and Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud shortly before 9 September 2001. This came at a time when Taliban human rights violations and extremism seemed likely to create international support for Massoud's group as the legitimate representatives of Afghanistan.[102] The killing, reportedly handled by Ayman Zawahiri and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad wing of Al-Qaeda, left the Northern Alliance leaderless, and removed "the last obstacle to the Taliban’s total control of the country ..."[103] After the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, Osama bin Laden and several Al-Qaeda members were indicted in U.S. criminal court.[104]

The Taliban protected Osama bin Laden from extradition requests by the U.S., variously claiming that bin Laden had "gone missing" in Afghanistan,[105] or that Washington "cannot provide any evidence or any proof" that bin Laden is involved in terrorist activities and that "without any evidence, bin Laden is a man without sin... he is a free man."[106][107] Evidence against bin Laden included courtroom testimony and satellite phone records.[108][109] Bin Laden in turn, praised the Taliban as the "only Islamic government" in existence, and lauded Mullah Omar for his destruction of idols like the Buddhas of Bamiyan.[110]

Yes, indeedy. The Taliban is now our friend. Is there any wonder why Army chaplains in Afghanistan are seeing a huge upswing in troops who are confused about their mission and losing heart? This sentiment is typical…

“Sergeant Christopher Hughes, 37, from Detroit, has lost six colleagues and survived two roadside bombs. Asked if the mission was worthwhile, he replied: “If I knew exactly what the mission was, probably so, but I don’t.””

Does our mission sound fuzzy or inane to you? Yes, me to. That simply means our leadership sucks.

These kinds of unfathomable revelations are what cause normally well-adjusted people to consult with chaplains and turn religious in general. The astounding things in religion that require faith to believe are more solid and rational than the goings on in world politics - especially the goings on of the Obama administration. Hey, this may be the one positive "change" coming out of this radical in the White House - an increase in religious faith.

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