Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hot headed. Knee jerk. Juvenile rumor mongers.

Lacking self-discipline and apparently having the analytical ability of 3-year olds, the Islamic Jihadi’s are doing what they do best…

"Muslims were disrespected! The foreigners shot the Koran, and then they burned it. They should be tried for this."

Once again we see rage and fury over a rumor. "Afghans protest rumored desecration of Koran by U.S. troops," by Laura King in the Los Angeles Times, October 25 (thanks to Pamela):

Hundreds of angry protesters in Afghanistan's capital today burned an effigy of President Obama, acting on rumors that American troops had desecrated the Koran.

U.S. military officials emphatically denied that any copies of the Muslim holy book had been mishandled, and accused the Taliban of spreading falsehoods to incite hatred against Western forces....

Add this to the cartoon outrage and the dozens of other manufactured tantrums these people have staged. This reminds me of the, knee-jerk, slanderous crap I have experienced from a hot-headed b---ard in my life. Oh, the damage that can be done - as bad as sabotage. Obviously one doesn’t have to be Muslim to act like a half-cocked nitwit, but apparently it helps.

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