Monday, October 12, 2009

Grasping in defense of Islam…

Now and then in discussing the merits of Islam with someone, they will make a comparison with Mormons. This comparison comes about after I suggest how disconcerting it is that many Muslims resort to accusing law enforcement of profiling them instead of condemning radical Muslims involved in terror plots. The majority Muslims who do this appear to be sympathizers with the radical fringe.

The response is: “But there are radical Mormons and that doesn’t make the other Mormons bad.” Yes, and “radical” Presbyterians, Catholics, atheists, and Lutherans. This is a faulty analogy on so many levels. Let me count the levels:

  1. The fringe Mormons are a separate and distinct organization.
  2. The main body of Mormons established a separate organization to disassociate themselves from the illegal practices of the fringe group. (something the “average” Muslim fails to do.)
  3. There is no moral equivalence whatsoever between the practice of polygamy by the fringe group of Mormons and the practices of radical Muslims involved in terror plots. The outcome of the Mormon radicals is more children. The outcome of the Muslim radicals is terror and killing. Both practices are illegal, but there truly is a difference in outcomes, wouldn’t you agree?
  4. The agenda of the radical Mormon is to remain separate from society and raise a moral family in peace. The agenda of the radical Muslim is to spread their faith by use of force, intimidation, terror and killing in order to force their intolerant Sharia law upon the nation in which they reside.
  5. The main body of Mormons publicly and privately condemns violence and disassociates itself from any organization that practices or promotes it. The main body of Muslims may occasionally publicly condemn violence, but privately supports their violent cohorts through teaching curriculum and monetary contributions that supports terror groups, the imposition of Sharia law and the eradication of Israel, Jews, and other “infidels” among whom are all non-Muslims.
  6. The main body of Mormons preach, teach, and practice tolerance. The main body of Muslims around the world have a continuing and in your face practice of intolerance and violent reaction to anything that offends them. Things that offend range from cartoons, to family members leaving their faith, to opinions about Muhammad to legitimate and necessary efforts to curb terrorism (99% of which happens to be committed by Muslims) including alleged “profiling.”
  7. Even if levels 1 through 6, above, didn’t exist, why do Muslim defenders believe that two wrongs make everything OK?

Comparison with Mormons, indeed. There are also too many "infidels" who have their head in the sands of ignorance.

There are various levels of complicities with the radical element among Muslims. While fewer than 5% of the 1.3 billion Muslims may actually participate in terror plots and other violent acts on behalf of Islam, a larger percentage openly cheers them on and facilitate their actions. A still larger percentage than that privately cheer them on and support them in some fashion. Another portion, those who may feel strongly against Islamic radicalism, will be intimidated by Islamic peer pressure to tacitly support the radicals, very much like the average German during the rise of Nazism. The remaining tiny percentage, the really brave, will become an Islamic apostate, with their life under a death threat.

Yet the average non-Muslim applies their non-Muslim morality to this whole scenario, denying that such beliefs can occur among so many people.

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