Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama: I Won't 'Rush' Afghanistan Decisions

No freakin’ kidding.  How much time does this dude need?

Am I the only one who thought that the President’s policy advisors had these kinds of things planned out months in advance of a decision needing to be made – with multiple scenarios and options for action?  This man is scaring me.

Obama: I Won't 'Rush'
Afghanistan Decisions

President tells troops he won't risk their lives unless 'absolutely necessary,' as critics say time is running out.

Whoopsie – he’s lying again.

“If it is necessary,” Obama added, "we will back you up to the hilt."  Apparently he doesn’t think it is necessary.

All the while, we are losing 5 men here, 10 troops there, 30 somewhere else.  I know its a war and in war we lose people.  But this cat is sacrificing Americans because of his lack of decision.  We are months beyond when the decision should have been made.  And he still blames Bush.  Unfrickinbelieveable.

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