Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why I am not “kinder” and “gentler” toward Islam

In a word:  “Truth.”  I admit it.  I have sacrificed “kinder and gentler” in exchange for conveying the objective reality of Islam.  In fact, I am not as concerned about Islam as much as I am concerned about the obliviousness (blindness, ignorance, gullibility) of the American people (in particular) toward the history, ideology, and aspirations of that ideology.

For reasons I only partially understand, most media and commentators insist on sugar-coating the Islamic ideology.  Certainly the mainstream media and most arms of our Federal Government do this.  And the White House goes several steps further by embracing, supporting, promoting, and giving preference to Muslims and Islamic nations over other faiths and over our non-Islamic allies.

The great majority of voices in the media and elsewhere are only repeating the Islamic story line.  So many reporters and government officials have taken the easy road by uncritically consuming the propaganda pumped out by CAIR and various Islamic leaders and promoters.  Most likely they are ignorant of “taqiyya”, the  sanctioned Islamic doctrine of purposeful deceit in defending or promoting Islam.  You would think that many of our politicians who are so practiced in this technique themselves would see through this.

Not many voices feel obligated to reveal the negatives of Islam.  Ignoring them will not make them go away.  One doesn’t have to read and become expert in the Qur’an to observe the widespread hate, violence, and immorality promoted by the adherents to Islamic Holy Books and associated ideology – the rampant hate, violence, and immorality carried out “in the name of Islam.” 

Whether the “radicals” are a minority of that “faith” or not is beside the point.  The point is that Islamic ideology breeds quantities of hatred and terror we see occur every day we don’t see coming from any other ideology on the face of the earth.  There are estimates that Islamic terrorists or “Jihadis” comprise only a small minority of all Muslims.  If only 10% are terrorists, 10% of all Muslims is 120 million.  So “only” 120 million Muslims are involved in terror against the infidel:  Jews, Christians, and the west.  And this is considered a conservative figure by many.  No one knows for sure how many Muslims are in various degrees of “practicing Jihad” as a means of promoting their ideology.

While the majority of Muslims may appear benign or friendly, under that veneer lies a variety of possibilities of levels of “devoutness” toward Islam, and varying stages of promoting the ideology, such as:

The most devout tend to be:

  • Jihadi leaders and masterminds of terror
  • Islamic leaders: Imams, etc.
  • Those who plan and stage acts of terror
  • Those who fund and overtly support acts of terror
  • Those who actively promote hate and distrust toward the “infidel”, “the people of the book” (Jews and Christians), and the west generally.
  • Those on the sidelines cheering on this effort.

The least devout tend to be:

  • Those who appear to honestly condemn Islamic violence and supremacism (how many are these?)
  • Those who are Muslim “in name only” because of their heritage but who are fully integrated into our western culture (how many are these?)
  • Those in predominantly Muslim countries who are preoccupied with survival and who are most susceptible to the influences, threats, and coercion of the more devout (this is probably the majority).

So, how might the percentages line up for the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world based on the above breakdown?  It appears that while a minority are actual Jihadi terrorists, it is very likely a majority are supporters of their efforts against the west.

While Islam is not a monolithic faith, there is a common “brotherhood”  or “umma” that is shared among Muslims.  This explains in part why there was so little outcry against the acts of 9-11, even among those Muslims who are considered “moderate” by their neighbors.

I chalk up the gullibility of defenders of Islam by believing that they are simply not paying attention.  And by not paying attention they remain ignorant and accuse those of us who are paying attention of being mean spirited toward Muslims and Islam.  In practice, the gullible and ignorant non-Muslims have joined forces with CAIR and other Muslim deceivers in defaming those who are attempting to bring the reality of Islam to their attention.

It is interesting to note the definition of the word “bigotry”:  “Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion.”  The “irrational” part of the definition is important.  Those who are paying attention to the nature of Islam and proclaim their informed rational understanding of that ideology are called “bigots” by those who insist on maintaining an uninformed irrational ignorance of Islam.  The “hatred” is maintained by the irrational against the rational.

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