Monday, April 26, 2010

Muslim Promoters: It is all our fault!

Yes.  We have too much anti-Muslim bias.  Of course, it is not because of Islam.

Three Muslim academicians got together and conjured a study entitled “Anti-Terror Lessons of Muslim-Americans” that resides on our Justice Department website and has gained prominence in academia.  These deceivers for Islam are David Schanzezr, Charles Kurzman, and Ebrahim Moosa.

A better example of “taqiyya” (Islamic deception) I have not seen.  What they wrote and what they omitted are the definition of “dissembling”:   To disguise or conceal one's real nature, motives, or feelings behind a false appearance.

The findings of this study are these, in the order presented:

  • Increased Anti-Muslim Bias [since 9-11]:  The authors noted the increased anti-Muslims bias since 9-11, and that such bias, if it continues, may further radicalize Muslims.  Therefore, the offending non-Muslims must learn more about Islam, and embrace Muslims into our political and social institutions. Yes, 9-11 has caused many Americans to discover what the Islamic ideology is all about:  an intolerant, fascist, supremacist anti-Semitic ideology that promotes Sharia law and an absolutely diametrically opposite view of morality, religion, and culture from that of the West.  We are at fault for expressing such “bias” after learning what Islam is all about.  So, now we need to embrace Islam.  So why shouldn’t we?  I don’t see any problem with that, do you?
  • Low Numbers of Radicalized Muslim-Americans.  The authors suggest that “although the vast majority of Muslim-Americans reject radical extremist ideology and violence, a small number of Muslim-Americans have radicalized since 9/11.  They cite that only “139 Muslim-Americans committed acts or terrorism-related violence or were prosecuted” for such.  They fail to mention four important things about these numbers: 
    • One, the nature of the attempted acts would have killed thousands of Americans. 
    • Two, we don’t know how many more hundreds or thousands of Muslims are “waiting in the wings” to carry out similar attacks. 
    • Three, we DO know that classical Islam, promoted by Saudi-funded Wahabbi and Salafi Muslims, including Islamic supremacism, hatred of the West, and methods of promoting Sharia law, is being taught in Islamic mosques and Islamic schools throughout the United States.
    • Four, the ummah (the brotherhood of Muslims – the “moderate”, non-violent Muslim majority) stands in unity with those on the front lines of Islam privately cheering them on and doing whatever they can under the radar to support the cause.
  •  Practices of Muslim-American Communities Prevent Radicalization.  This heading gets way ahead of their text which states:  “Our research shows that a variety of practices of Muslim-American communities may be helping to prevent and address instances of radicalization.”  [italics added]  And then again, there are likely many more practices that go in the opposite direction – promoting radicalization.  They claim “public and private denunciation of terrorism and violence.”  Granted, there are public denunciations.  That is a part of the taqiyya doctrine of Islam.  However, the private denunciations are more likely in the form of “those idiots, why did they allow themselves to be caught” or “let this be a lesson that we are not ready for that kind of fight yet.”  But the radicalization goes on.  Do not be deceived by the grand deceivers.
  • Community-building.  Yes, this is a good one that brought a chuckle.  The authors express satisfaction that “the creation of robust Muslim-American communities may serve as a preventative measure against radicalization by reducing social isolation of individuals who may be at risk of becoming radicalized.”  Wow!  In fact, the opposite will occur.  Without being assimilated into the American mainstream, these “robust Muslim-American communities” will devolve into isolated purist Islamic ghettos that are will spawn radicalism in a protected environment.  Take a look at the Islamic communities of Detroit.  Take a look at the videos of Muslim radicals demonstrating with their anti-American and anti-Semitic signs in cities with “robust Muslim communities.” Avoidance of assimilation to avoid feeling disenfranchised?  They are making themselves “disenfranschised” by prolonging the differences and isolation.  And this is not due to oppression.  It is by design.  It is a strategic Islamic maneuver to use our insane embrace of “cultural diversity” to justify their differences, to promote their enclaves, foster divisiveness and achieve national weakness.  That is the Islamic agenda and hope for this nation.
  • Political Engagement.  The authors state that “heightened political activity of Muslim-Americans since 9/11 is also a positive development for preventing radicalization.”  That is true.  The political process is a wonderful thing for accomplishing Islamic goals without the need to blow up people.  Not as messy.  And Muslims engaging in the political process is one of the tools of stealth Jihad, the topic Robert Spencer addresses in his book “Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs.”
  • Identity Politics.  The authors believe that promoting an “Islamic-American” identity is a very good thing.    Muslims are piggy backing on our insane “cultural diversity” mantra that believes the opposite of our national motto of “E Pluribus Unum” - “out of many: one”.  That motto is rendered meaningless by the authors praise of Muslim identity.   Finally, the authors are promoting the idea that increased Muslim piety results not in increased radicalization, but will somehow “undercut the radical message that American values and practices are hostile to Islam.”  That is the greatest taqiyya (dissembling) message of all and could not be further from the truth.  Today’s Islam is classical Islam.  Classical Islam is not merely a religion, but an all encompassing political, military, religious, and cultural ideology that is diametrically opposed to every institution that has made our country the success it is.

Islamic expert Steve Emerson shares his opinions on this study HERE.  He calls the Study “flawed.”  I call it “purposefully deceitful.”

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