Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Support of free speech abandoned by O’Reilly

Here are several victims of Islamic intimidation and related political correctness.

Brigitte Bardot:  Did you know that Brigitte Bardot was arrested several times in France over the last several years for expressing her concerns about excessive Islamic immigration and its consequences?  Here are a few details.

But that is in Europe.

Lt. Col. Allen West:  Did you know that  Lt. Col. Allen West was disciplined for his non-life-threatening method of extracting information from a Muslim that saved many American lives?

Franklin Graham:  Did you know that Franklin Graham may be disinvited from leading a prayer service at the Pentagon for our troops because Muslims are complaining that he is critical of Islam?

Creators of South ParkTrey Parker and Matt Stone dared to create a cartoon involving Muhammad and now are receiving death notices for insulting Islam.  And who is the dhimmi that said they should have kept this idea to themselves?  None other than egomaniac Bill O’Reilly.

South Park Update 4-22-10:  The Comedy Central Network caved in to Islamic intimidation and joined the ranks of other dhimmi networks, commentators, and politicians.  What, exactly, will it take for non-Muslims to recognize the danger Islam poses to free speech?

O’Reilly is apparently willing to give up his freedom of speech over potential Islamic threats.  Yup.  He believes the South Park creators are asking for it when they depicted Muhammad as a Teddy Bear.

It is true - Islamists do murder people who depict Muhammad in images or who mock Islam in any manner.  South Park did this very thing (in an excessively mild manner) and its creators are now the subject of Islamic revenge.  These events were discussed on the O'Reilly show (video below).  The good news is that O'Reilly showed it.  The bad news is that he expressed his own fear and dhimmi attitude at the expense of free speech when he said "the risk [of free speech] is higher than the reward."  He said "I hate to give into the intimidating forces of evil, but you got to deal with reality", which translated means:  He will give into the intimidating forces of evil.  This was certainly an ignorant statement to make in the face of Islamic intimidation, especially from a commentator who makes his living off of free speech.  This display of fear is an admission that he will not report facts if he feels threatened.  His credibility should plummet.

Here is the dhimmi score card (or Pinheads and Patriots, as O’Reilly would judge):

Proven dhimmi’s (pinheads):  French government, US Military brass, Bill O’Reilly, Comedy Central Network.

Proven patriots:  Brigitte Bardot, Lt. Col. Allen West, Franklin Graham, creators of South Park.

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