Friday, April 16, 2010

Gates Doesn’t Get It and Is Part of the Problem…

Gates Approves Tighter Gun Restrictions After Ft. Hood Shooting

Yup, that’ll do the trick alright.  I’m absolutely positive that Nadal, the Islamic Fort Hood assassin, would never have brought his gun onto the military base if there was a rule against carrying your gun onto the military base, aren’t you?

Apparently the Gates report DOES NOT CONTAIN ONE SINGLE MENTION OF THE ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY BEING A THREAT – TOTAL SILENCE ON THE ROOT CAUSE OF THIS AND OTHER SIMILAR INCIDENTS AND THOSE TO COME!  Yes, I’m shouting! It is frustrating to see our military leaders so unresponsive, so benign, so clueless.  Their political correctness and preoccupation with cultural diversity continues – at our peril.

Without his own gun, Nadal would have performed his job of counseling returnees from the Afghan war admirably, you think?  Yes, with a heap of hate and subversive Islamic propaganda thrown in.  Great for our mission.

Suggestion to oblivious military brassGet a clue that the ideology practiced by most Muslims, including the “moderates”, predisposes them to abhor the mission of our military if not also resent the US – whether they exhibit these disdains outwardly or not.  If certain positions require Muslims, they need to be on a “watch list” and singled out for observation of behaviors, attitudes and actions.  Getting on national TV (ABC NEWS) bitching about “discrimination” is one of those behaviors that should raise a red flag as undermining the mission of our military.

This is pathetic.

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