Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moral relativism is the root of America’s confusion

The ideology most in vogue in the US today is moral relativism – the belief that no morality or value system is absolute or superior to another.  Every discussion I enter into with my several liberal friends ends with their claim that nobody can know the truth or have the answers – that our sense of right and wrong should never be used to judge another person or group.  And they throw the grossly misinterpreted Christian principle “do not judge” in our face to “prove” their point.  We are being told not to exercise discretion or discernment or else we will appear “bigoted”, “racist”, or “unfair.”

Not only are religious denominations banned from public places and pubic discourse, but moral principles as basic and universal as the Ten Commandments are being banned.  There is nothing that can be agreed on as “the truth” anymore.  Every opinion, however outrageous or destructive, is required to be respected.  Our nation has been thought of as “great”, a shining beacon on a hill, but the moral relativists and revisionists are declaring that we have been less than great or that our days of greatness as a nation are over.

“Moral relativism” explains a whole host of our national and political problems.

Moral relativism explains the “blame America first” mentality of liberals.  It enables them to discard the moral basis for our nations greatness and declare America “evil” while embracing foreign ideologies that we’ve fought wars against.

Moral relativism explains why Islam is defended and protected in this country.  Islamic defenders consider an ideology that disrespects and mutilates women, that kills gays, that is intolerant of those of other faiths, that is anti-Semitic, that wishes to impose a fascist legal system on themselves and others and which promotes terror around the world to be of equal worth to the prevailing value system of our own nation. 

Moral relativism explains why Obama was elected and why he does what he does.  The electorate voted for a hope that lies in the dependency on government to do things for them that they should be making an effort to do for themselves.  And a President who values Islamic, Communist, and Socialist principles more than the founding principles of our nation.

Moral relativism explains the decline in the effectiveness of our schools and the dumbing down of our children.  Discipline is out the window.  Many parents no longer feel a moral obligation to raise their own children.  Leave it to the government.

Moral relativism explains why 47% of our citizens don’t pay taxes.  They feel no moral obligation to be productive individuals.  They instead rationalize why they should accept government handouts.

Moral relativism explains why Presidents freely lie to further their amoral agenda and why authors distort the facts to sell books.

We could argue political philosophy and governmental policies on taxation, the economy, health care, and national defense all day.  But without acknowledging and addressing the disease of moral relativism, these other discussions will be pointless.

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