Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why I am a pessimist about our nation’s future

Most current books written by conservatives about the troubles our nation is experiencing end on a positive note.  In essence, most offer a Pollyanna-esque outcome such as the constitutional republic being restored, fiscal sanity being reborn, and everyone living happily ever after.

And then there are some authors who have no interest in the wellbeing of the nation at all, only in plying books that promise personal profit – mostly for themselves.   These irritate me the most - the ones with the theme of  “How to Profit from the…”  Pick an ending: …from the coming economic collapse; …from Islamic beheadings; …from the decline of morality; …from the fall of Capitalism.

I don’t see the bright side of any current trend in this nation.  Lets look at the megatrends we face…

Decline in the basis for morality and rule of law:  Loss of the religious and moral underpinnings that served as the  motivation and the methodology for the founding and the sustaining of our nation.  Signs of decay began with progressivism and over-reaching government in the 1930’s and was in full bloom in the moral revolution of the 1960’s.  With the demise of these Judeo-Christian underpinnings our morality, our legal system, our individual rights and spirit are rapidly disintegrating and becoming something never intended or imagined by our founders or even by our parents.  Do you see any reversal of this trend on the horizon?  I don’t.

Runaway dependence on government:  Government tax-payer funded educational institutions, from pre-school through universities are promoting dependence on government and ridiculing parental authority, religion, and moral absolutes.  These institutions are raising up  hoards of future teachers and professors who will instill the values of socialism, communism, progressivism, and moral relativity in the minds of the millions of students yet to come.  Do you see any reversal of this trend on the horizon?  I don’t.

Institutionalized reliance on unlimited debt:  A government expectation that our national debt can increase to infinite proportions and personal expectations of entitlement by a near majority and increasing portion of our population.  National debt is increasing at an accelerating rate while production and productivity by our industries and workers is declining.  The combination of the mushrooming number of government employees, those on welfare, those on food stamps, those receiving unemployment compensation, and those receiving Medicare, Medicaid, and social security payments are all voters who will vote to assure continuing government largesse in their favor.  Do you see any reversal of this trend on the horizon?  I don’t.

Delusional shift from producing to consuming economy:  During the several preceeding decades we have been told that the shift from a manufacturing economy to an information technology was a positive progression and should be embraced.  But while we shed our production and manufacturing capacity, the transition to an information economy was  overshadowed by a growing service and consumption economy.  The higher paying manuracturing sector has been replaced in large part by a lower paying service sector.  With instantaneous communications anywhere in the world, we have virtually relingquished any benefit of the communicatons sector – that, too, along with manufacturing, has been outsourced to other nations.  We are left with a low-paying service economy and a rabid and spoiled consumer society.  Do you see any reversal of this trend on the horizon?  I don’t.

Illegal immigration continues unabated.  The federal government sues states that attempt to enforce the law.  Businesses lobby to keep the borders open to maintain cheap labor despite our high unemployment rate.  The thought of deporting illegal aliens is politically incorrect in the minds of the majority in Congress and perhaps the majority of major companies.  Our laws are mocked and our resources are being drained by the hoards of illegals.  An unknown many may also be less benign than Mexicans looking to send money home to mama.  Many are known to be Islamists who intend to undermine our culture and government by seditious or violent activities.  Do you see any reversal of this trend on the horizon?  I don’t.

Institutionalized ignorance of Islamic sedition:  Speaking of seditious activities, Islam is an undiagnosed problem.  As long as we refuse to identify the disease, there will be no cure.  Islam is the disease.   Identifying Islam as the disease is the beginning of finding a cure.   The problem is not “radical Islam” or “Jihadists.”  The problem is Islam.  Islamist Muslims have infiltrated the highest levels of our government, military, educational systems, and media.  As long as we treat Islam is ‘just another religion to be protected and defended”, we will continue allowing seditious Islam to undermine our country.  Do you see any reversal of this trend on the horizon?  I don’t.

These are all megatrends that have been building for decades in this country.  No one or two elections is going to reverse these trends.  You saw the effect of the 2008 victories.  We couldn’t even reverse Obama care.  Nor will the 2012 election, even if conservatives prevail big, have a significant or lasting effect.  If a conservative 2012 administration implements policies that momentarily reverse the above trends, there is near certainty that a leftist, progressive, communist, Islamic, academic backlash will reverse any gains by 2016.

Go ahead.  Call me a pessimist.  You would be right.  In this case there is little difference between “pessimist” and “realist.” 

I thank God I still believe in miracles.  Miracles appear to be our only hope.

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