Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene: Another example of government over-reaction

Having experienced several hurricanes, tropical storms, and easterly waves while concurrently listening to way over-hyped media reports of the impending doom from such meteorological events, I thought I would make a brief comment on the reporting and ensuing governmental reaction to minimal hurricane Irene.

It is my studied opinion that the Irenian media hype, along with the overbearing and excessive government reaction to said media hype has caused much greater damage to the economy of the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states than if the media and federal, state, and some local governments have never existed.

For evidence of this over-reaction, see HERE and HERE.

The government over-reacts to way too many things.  Government too often acts like a scared parakeet let loose in a small room, flying madly, bounding off walls, doing more damage to its surroundings and itself than the situation warrants.

The wings of government need to be clipped.  Government needs a seditive.  It needs to get off the caffeine and speed of excessive tax dollars.  Government needs a detox program – a long and strick one. 

Government’s cure for way too many things is worse than the make believe diseases or weather events.

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