Sunday, August 07, 2011

London Punk Bastards–Who are they?

The August 2011 riots in London  are instigated by an odd coalition of rich spoiled liberal brats, immigrant Muslims from north Africa instigated by Jihadists and leftist “social-justice” aka “give me all you’ve got” radicals.  Unfortunately, a number of media reports refer to rioters merely as “Blacks.”  Talk about painting a group with an undeserved offensive racist broad brush! Yes.  We must defend the easily offended Muslims, even if at the expense of slandering other racial/ethnic groups.  It is not so much that these uncivilize Muslim immigrants and leftist radicals give Blacks a bad name, it is the lazy, sloppy politically naive media reporting doing the dirty work.

The solution to the rioting, if London and British leadership were not AWOL:  Deport Muslim immigrants.  Problem 50% solved.  The other 50% of the problem can then be solved more easily by demanding kahunas of the police departments.  Right now they actually fear entering the domains of the greatest offenders.  Many neighborhoods are off limits to law enforcement.  Bad idea.

Yes, some “civil rights” may be violated.  But hey, those who don’t respect the civil rights of the majority don’t deserve civil rights for their minority.  My personal civil rights should be removed the moment they conflict with the civil rights of my family, neighborhood, or city.  The same standards should be applied to the misused civil rights of street gangs, ethnic groups, and religious supremacists.   If these violent protestors want justice so bad, social or otherwise, give them justice.  In other words, enforce the damn law everywhere. 

We need more common sense and less pandering to lawlessness applied to these situations.

Update -  August 9: 

Government gloves come off – water cannon and plastic bullets, oh my!


steerpike said...

what you've got here mate is the chickens coming home to roost. globalist imperial policy for 300 years exploitation and greed give you a bubbling caldron of shite to deal with now. How often do you think that the 'natives' would have liked to deport the bloody english imperialists from their borders? serves you right, now you can pay for the sins of your forefathers.

Gerardo Moochie said...

Not sure I know exactly what you mean, but I think I agree with you.

But then again, don't we always pay for the sins our our forefathers as well as reap the benefits of their work?