Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grayson: Promoter of enabler society and demonizer-in-chief

Promoter of an enabler society…Alan Grayson

This speech, in various forms,  is still being given throughout the State of Florida by this radical racist democrat.

He labels Democrats “the conscience party”, and  the “other” party “the selfish party.”

When democrats like Grayson  see someone in need, they want bigger government to use everyone else's money to do something about it. That is like a virus that ultimately feeds off the organisim and destroys it. That kind of sucking off of taxpayers is not sustainable. Our fiscal crisis is ample evidence, but Democrats are oblivious to this problem. It almost appears that democrats want to destroy this nation, good heart and all.

The Graysons of the world are the enablers, the creators of those people who grow accustomed to unearned government handouts – the path to an unproductive society with a tiny sense  of reality that poses as a big heart.

Instead of discussing issues he disses individuals.  And in the dissing, he demonizes and incites.

The likes of Grayson are not merely enablers, but particularly virulent demonizers.  Very effective demonizers.  Liberals are “kindhearted” – conservatives are “selfish” and “evil.”  That is demonizing.  And demonizing, for the left, results in hate and mob violence as we have been observing in Europe and the US.

Ann Coulter does an excellent job in exploring this mob mentality in her book “Demonic”, which is the subject of the interview, below.

Here is an observation of one who recently attended a Grayson speech in my neck of the woods:

Out of curiosity, I went and listened to his “what it means to be a Democrat” speech. What shocked me the most was the …[auditorium]…was filled to capacity with mindless morons who actually believed every false statement coming out of Grayson’s filthy lying mouth. It was class warfare at its finest, racism at its finest, and victimhood beyond belief. He played to the crowd beautifully. Mr. Grayson …also vilified the …[founding family of this community]…for donating so heavily to Mitt Romney and included them in “the evil rich” category. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought to myself, if they don’t like [that] family for creating this beautiful community, they should pack their bags and get out!!! During the question and answer period, some of the questions were aimed at the Republicans who live …[here]…and how screwed up they are for not being libtards like they are. The room was filled with North Eastern liberals who if not stopped dead in their tracks, will destroy this community. They are like locust who destroy everything in their path. I saw it happen in the Cary, NC Del Webb community where I lived before moving here. [They]…even had a table set up dedicated to organizing neighborhood grass root committees gearing up for the 2012 elections. Scary stuff if the Republicans aren’t doing the same. Grayson even went so far as to vilify Barack Hussein Obama on several occasions for not being liberal enough and the idiot received thunderous approval from the sheeple in attendance. I couldn’t take it anymore and left before the end of the question and answer session.

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