Saturday, August 27, 2011

Terms to turn back on liberals

Liberals have been clever at inventing terms that make morality and defense of our culture appear evil.  Words like homophobe, Islamophobe, racist, intolerant, and  insensitive have been used against Christians and others who are revealing the truth of threats and blatant violations of historical Judeo-Christian morality.  “Twisted” is an apt term for the mind of the liberal/progressive.

Conservatives need to regain the initiative in defining terms.

Those who call those who defend traditional morality by calling us “homophobes” need to turn the terms back on the accuser.  Maybe we need to self-identify with our assigned label and turn it into a positive.  “Homophobes for America” or “homophobes for restoring morality.”  Instead of denying the term, embrace it.  Except the “phobe” part of the term bothers me because “fear” isn’t quite my concern.  As in one who understands the immorality of homosexuality and the destructive fascist ideology of Islam, I don’t fear homosexuals or Islamists.  I believe homosexuals and Islamists are culture killers.  I believe they both undermine our Judeo-Christian heritage as well as the underpinning of our culture and traditions.  Their beliefs and habits pervert and corrupt our civilization.  But I don’t fear them.

So maybe we need to term these perverters of our culture, including their defenders and promoters as simply “perverts”, “depraved”, or “corrupt.” 

Instead of accepting the term “intolerant” for ourselves, insist on the term “caring”,  “discerning”, “thoughtful”, or “perceptive.” 

Instead of tolerating the label of “racist”, insist that the accuser is the greater racist for even suggesting the label.

Instead of accepting the term “politically incorrect” for ourselves, call ourselves “politically discerning” or “politically honest.”  Call them “political hypocrits” or “political deceivers.”

Instead of accepting the term Islamophobe, call ourselves “supremacist-averse” or “fascist-phobe”  and call the accuser “one who doesn’t give a crap” aka “an ignorant useless SOB who is clueless about what the hell is going on.” 

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