Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Only the cattle are poked and prodded…

The “special ones” get a pass. 

Whew! The TSA is refining its security procedures.  Oh wait.  Instead of targeting the only group known to commit aircraft terror, Muslims between the age of 16 and 50, it continues to target the entire US population, with a few new exceptions.  This “refinement” is giving a pass to:

  • Members of Congress
  • Airline staff
  • And possibly:  Exemptions for Muslims in Burkas

Has such Burka exemption been approved?  The “Freeman” website claims it has not.  We shall see.

But this IS true:  “Cabinet secretaries, top congressional leaders and an exclusive group of senior U.S. officials are exempt from toughened new airport screening procedures when they fly commercially with government-approved federal security details” according to the Associated Press on November 23.

The Heritage Foundation has it right:  “The best security is intelligence and law enforcement that finds and stops the bad people before they get near the plane. Pretending that everyone is a risk, as the TSA does now, is a weak substitute for intelligence. Most of this physical screening going on now has no place in primary inspection lines. There should be some common-sense screening at the airport, but let’s stop pretending that that is the best line of defense. The TSA must back off forcing all travelers to go through body scanners.”

The solution:  Admit the source of the terror threat and focus invasive security measures on those individuals.  Don’t turn the rest of us into cattle.

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