Monday, November 15, 2010

Keep Obama Home

Yikes!  I just read that Obama is preparing for another outing - to Europe this time – likely set to embarrass us yet again and offend more of our allies.

Note the nations that Obama has spent the most time with and the nations he either ignores or thwarts.  Then take a look at the voting record of nations in the UN.  What percent of the time do various nations vote with the US at the UN?

The nation that Obama has thwarted the most votes most often with the US:  Israel – 56% of the time, the highest among all UN members.

Others include:

United Kingdom 40%
France 36%
Australia 33%

The nations that Obama has most catered to vote least often with the US at the UN.  These include:

Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates 8%
Pakistan 9%
Jordon 9%
Qatar 9%
India 14%

These voting records are based on 2007 data, pre-Obama, but are still likely to be valid.

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