Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mystery contrail off California coast; govt. clueless

Update 1:  36 hours after the sighting, the US govt. officially concluded that the vapor trail was caused by an aircraft – although there was no evidence provided that any aircraft were in the area at the time.

Update 2:  (November 21) World Net Daily’s take on the contrail – watch the video:


An unusual vapor trail, the sort that many associated with the launch of a rocket or missile,  was observed 35 miles off of LA in the Pacific.  The problem is, no one claimed any knowledge of a rocket being fired anywhere near this location.  It’s reported here and here.  The direction it was headed was not certain; some reported it heading west, some south.

A retired military officer provided off-handed and implausible speculation that the missile was a “show of force” by the US.  How likely is it that an unannounced and denied missile firing was a publicity stunt by our military?  The man was grasping.

Another officer noted that the official military word was they don’t know what it was but there is “no threat to the homeland.”  Hey, that sounds familiar.  If they don’t know what it was, how can they claim there is no threat?  That’s like what they say right after a terrorist attack:  “We don’t know why they did it but it wasn’t a terror attack.”  No threat to the homeland indeed.  Ahh, it was an isolated incident.

Other plausible explanations are that it was a rocket fired from a Chinese sub to subtly intimidate.  Another explanation is an attempt, or a test from an undisclosed source for an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the US.  Look up “One Second After” on Amazon and EMP attack here and here

In fact, a near-coast missile firing is the the most likely method for launching a nuclear device 50 to 100 miles high over the US and detonating it resulting in the destruction of most electronic components over a radius of a several hundred miles.  The consequence is the crippling of water and sewer systems, banking systems, communications systems (TV, radio, computers, internet), commerce, most forms of transportation, and the electric power grid for weeks if not months.  This is not science fiction but one of the most likely forms of attack feared by national security experts.

There are some unofficial suggestions that it was simply a contrail from an airliner at 30,000 feet.  That is plausible.  But two days after the event, no one, civilians or military, has confirmed that there was a jet in that approximate location at the time this video was shot.  Why not?  It seems easy enough to confirm if there was.

If the contrail is simply from an airplane, why has no one in our military establishment who are well-versed in such phenomenon come out and made such reassuring statement – now three days after the event?  So, in either case, this is an odd event and worthy of further inquiry.

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