Sunday, November 28, 2010

EMP attacks: What America must do now

The Heritage Foundation released a new “backgrounder” titled “EMP attacks – what America must do now.”

An EMP or electromagnetic pulse attack, is one of the most likely types of attacks expected from terrorists within the next few years.  Islamic cells have access to the technology to deliver and detonate the nuclear explosive to carry out such attack.  They have the motive – they have an expressed desire to destroy the “big Satan”, the United States.  And millions of jihadi Muslims are working diligently to create the opportunity.  Means, motive, and opportunity are falling into place.

While our nation hopes to prevent an EMP attack, the US is also preparing to withstand the consequences of such attack.  That’s what the Heritage Foundation report is all about.  Families can also prepare.  Take a look at checklists HERE and HERE.

For a realistic fictional account of what life in the US would be like after an EMP attack, read the book One Second After.  That book is a kick in the pants to prepare.

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