Friday, November 05, 2010

Bush: Is it “Class” or is it “Indifference?”

…or is it politics?

Now that George Bush is making the rounds selling his new book, it’s time to give some attention to his absolute silence about the affairs of state during the past two dismal years experienced by our nation.

Some believe that Bush has shown real “class” because he refrained from criticizing the awful things Obama has done to this nation.  In fact George himself said he has refrained from critically speaking out because “I respect the Presidency” and “being President is a tough enough job.”

But now that he is marketing his new book his “class” expediently morphed into criticism.  Googling “George Bush + Obama” reveals pages of current news stories where George finally feels compelled to be critical of Barack.

Bush Compares Obama To Nazi Appeasers
Bush takes swipes at Obama policies - Washington Times
Bush: Obama Would "Attack Pakistan And Embrace Ahmadinejad"

and many others.

His passivity over the past two years appears to be a Bush trait.  My recollection of his dad’s performance while seeking his second term was “indifference” to the campaign, a “low-key” attitude so low that it appeared he really didn’t care all that much.

That is the same message that George Jr. has portrayed over the past two years – indifference.  Anyone who was really concerned about his nation would speak out.  I respect both Dick Cheney and daughter Liz for speaking out in behalf of their nation and their beliefs about Obama’s destructive reign.  And I doubt that they felt the Office was being disrespected by their voice.  To the contrary, the Office is being disrespected by The One who occupies it. 

George gives me the distinct impression that he just played the game while he was in that office – his silence of the past two years betrays any real concern and demonstrates that he perhaps has no beliefs strong enough to overcome his desire for seclusion – except when it is time to sell his book.

God forbid if conservatives had the spirit of George Bush going into this election -  there would be 40 or 50 more democrats.

Do you believe George and the Republican party choreographed a silent-George during the lead up to the election because he would have been a liability if he perked up and said something?   Perhaps.  But over the past six months many of us would have loved to have George back to counteract the hopie changie thing that wasn’t going so well.  On the other hand, he may not be much different than his cohort, Barack.

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