Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Air travel insecurity: The root of the problem

Note to the Obama Administration:  Quit insulting and demeaning American travelers with your assumption that we are the terrorists.  Stop your inane and invasive “broad brush” security screening techniques against children, the elderly, and infirm.    Use common sense.  Recognize the source of our security threat – Muslims - the only source of aircraft terror in the United States.  Your FBI and CIA already have lists of who they are, both domestic and foreign.  Focus the invasive demeaning searches on the ones who earned them.

As we urge those whose mind is wandering away from an urgent matter:  Focus.  Focus!!  Focus on those who are the source of the problem – not on those who are not. 

It is quite audacious that Muslims are refusing to submit to these enhanced screening techniques when they are the only group of people who have caused us to require such scrutiny.

Ann Coulter has more on this here.

How about simply acknowledging two critically important but ignored realities:

  1. The only people in US history who attempt to destroy  planes1 have been Muslims doing so in the name of Islam: When you hear Allahu Akbar shouted while on a plane, or smoke coming from someone’s shoes or crotch, you can be pretty sure Islam is involved.
  2. Islam is not a religion of peace. More accurately, consider Islam the subversive political organization that it is and prohibit Muslim travel into this country, or at the very least focus the hyper-searches on them and not on the 99.9% of the rest of us.

A few websites have popped up in opposition to these new “enhanced” security practices. Yet they ignorantly persist that this overbearing practice has NOTHING to do with RELIGION. True! Nothing to do with religion, but EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.

What is it about the mindset of our nation’s leaders that would demean all citizens when we well know where our focus should be?  Are they fearful of provoking Muslims?  Are they complicit in Islamic efforts to demoralize this nation?  We have to wonder.

It is so much better to curtail the erroneously perceived “rights” of a small group of subversives to preserve the legitimate rights and dignity of the 99% of the rest of us than to put us all under subjugation to humiliating procedures to protect a few subversives.  If Muslims aren’t prohibited outright from flying in and out of the US, at the VERY LEAST, they ought to be subject to an exhaustive grilling by highly trained counter-terror interrogators in the mode of security measures used by Israel’s El Al airline.

Most Muslims are “moderate”, you say? Then why do most “moderates” turn out to be Hamas or Jihad-promoting radicals when the truth becomes known? Islam is not a religion hijacked by a few radicals. Islam is a radical religion trying to be hijacked by a few moderates. Islam, in the historical, orthodox form as practiced by Muhammad and the great majority of Islamic leaders today, is, at its core, a radical, anti-western, fascist ideology. Moderation in Islam is a perversion by the less devout.

There are a handful of Muslims who claim to be both “moderate” and “devout.” Such combination is an oxymoron. One such Muslim is M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D.,a well know “moderate among moderates.” He is self-proclaimed as “devout” while exhibiting signs of being a “true” moderate. Now that is truly mind-boggling. I’ve asked him what parts of the Qur’an, Hadith and Sura he has dismissed as un-Islamic. He did not reply to my email although his web site condemns the many radical and violent sections of Islamic scripture (as of this month). Unfortunately, the Qur’an itself prohibits Qur’anic deconstruction. I do know that I would not be telling the truth if I claimed I was a “devout Christian” while at the same time I argued for dismissal of a third of the Holy Bible and Christian tradition. I would rightly be called an apostate.

And what about “freedom of religion?” Islam uses religion as a proxy to achieve political ends. The “prayers” five times a day are equivalent to war chants before battle, a form of mental self-flagellation to hypnotically imbue hatred of the infidel into the Muslim psyche. Islam is a fascist ideology in a religious cloak.

Those who wish to continue to be associated with an ideology controlled by radical fascists who promote violence, terror, and subversion have a right to so associate.  But such association infers that they agree with the ideology and practices of the leaders of their ideology.  And the crop of Islamic leaders today are no friend of the United States.

I’m glad to see I’m not alone on this. Here is an example of another who has the only effective solution.

It is good to see that we Americans are finally getting a spine regarding the onerously broad brush our government is painting us with. Enough is enough. Maybe this “last straw” will motivate us to finally get to the root of this problem: Islam and those who practice it.


1  A series of hijackings in the 60’s and 70’s associated with the Cuban revolution were carried out by people interested in illegally traveling from point A to point B, not for purposes of suicide terror attacks.

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