Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Too many covet a large audience over the truth of Islamic doctrine that promotes terror

I had a recent email exchange with Wayne Allen Root.  Root is a promoter and super-salesman who has a blog site giving conservative commentary.  He is a big cheerleader for Trump and I agree with most of what he says.

However, like many conservative commentators, and virtually all on the left, he refuses to identify the Islamic ideology, the beliefs and actions practiced and enforced by Muhammad, the doctrines ensconced in the Qur’an, and the beliefs promoted by the vast majority of Islamic leaders today as “the problem.”  They insist on the modifier “radical” in front of “Islam” as if they are two separate religions.  They are not.  They are the same.  ISIS and the rest of the the Islamic terror groups mimic the teachings of Muhammed and the doctrines in the Qur’an to a “T”.

So, here is the simple verbiage that I find such a distraction from the core problem, Islam, that Wayne used in his latest and most previous posts:

“We are under attack by radical Islam…”

This is my response to Wayne…

No, Wayne.  We are not under attack by "radical Islam."  We are under attack by "Islam" period.  No modifier required.  Your and the media's "radical Islam" is the exact same Islam as is in the Qur'an, as practiced by Muhammad and as promoted by the huge majority of Imams in the world today.  We need to all quit kidding ourselves about the mainstream Islamic ideology.  The nice "moderate" Muslims that we believe make up the majority (of which the Orlando jihadist was one) are not what we think they are.  At least not those who are faithful to their cherished Islamic doctrine and who attend their Islamic indoctrination sessions at local mosques, Islamic Centers, and Middle East Studies classes in many of our universities funded by Saudi Arabia.  We all have a lot of waking up to do - you included, perpetuating the "radical Islam" myth.

Here is Wayne’s reply back to me…

I understand it all.  You do NOT understand how to get in media.  I take it to line- as far as I can go.  My opinions are all over media.  Go one inch further...and I'm blackballed, banned, my opinions reach no one.

Here is my reply back to Wayne…

Yes, where I am and where you are are two different worlds and two different philosophies of communication.  Media savvy folks like you express less than the full truth in order not to offend and lose audience.  Others of us believe the entire truth is necessary.  The former leads to an incomplete or misleading understanding of the problem among a large audience.  The latter leads to a fuller, more accurate understanding of the problem by a much smaller audience.  Hopefully the combination of both methods of communication will reap success and not conflict to the extent that your style inoculates the masses from grasping reality.

Here is Wayne’s reply back to me, referring to his most recent post…

you can't get much more real than this...and ever be allowed in mainstream media... http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/13/mr-president-disgust/

Here is my reply back to Wayne…

It is easy to criticize Barack Obama. 

Yes, the majority of Americans are able to be critical about Obama without much flak.  What is difficult for most people, including Wayne, is  identifying the Islamic ideology as the motivator and perpetrator of terror.  He and way too many others use the cop-out term “radical Islam”.   They know the truth but are afraid to express it for fear of losing audience, and I suspect, ad revenue.  They covet audience over truth.  Most mainstream media is the same.   That is a low grade personal standard.

Truthfully, that man’s attitude disgusts me.

What good is a large audience if the whole truth is missing?  Avoiding the truth is not essential to maintaining a large audience.  Pat Buchannan does it all the time, as in THIS EXAMPLE. 

An apt famous quote capsulizes this human foible:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

While the Biblical application of this saying refers to the truths that Jesus taught, it has wider practical application, and specifically to knowing and telling the truth about Islam.  The longer we fail to speak the truth about what Islam is , what it promotes, and its consequences, the less free we will become.

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