Tuesday, June 21, 2016

For my 3 readers in Great Britain: Brexit!

EU is like giving away your national adulthood to your SuperMum.
Fifty years ago universities in the United States promoted the concept of “regionalism”   Regionalism was a way to create cost-effective and comprehensive administration over resources and systems.  Resources like watersheds, like the South Florida Water Management District.  Systems like a regional transportation system that covers an entire county or several counties or cities in a region.  In most cases, these function-specific regional governments worked well and were generally accepted.

Fast forward 50 years.  Today the elite (in universities and in government) are hell bent to super-size regionalism.  In North America the  “progressives” (leftists, liberals, socialists and communists, along with big government and big business) want to jettison our national sovereignty for the North American Union – “…a theoretical economic and political union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The concept is loosely based on the European Union, occasionally including a common currency called the Amero or the North AmericanDollar.” 

Open borders, anyone?  Unbridled immigration, eh?  Loss of national sovereignty?  Can’t wait!

No, no, that’s not enough.  Many want to give away our jobs and manufacturing to other nations – and give up our own legal system, including our courts, to the United Nations.  These policies have already destroyed manufacturing and not just a few freedoms in the US.

That’s exactly what we DON’T need: Another layer of government that exacts crippling taxes and fees that imposes regulations we don’t want and don’t have any control over.

This sounds exactly like what Great Britain is fighting against with their chance to vote against the European Union.

The choice is between national sovereignty and another layer of costly government that imposes more controls on you in exchange for lower cost for a few things that people in a distant country believe are best for you.
What price freedom, indeed.

For those in Britain – and the United States – here is a great eye opener that warns about out of control, often oppressive, super-sized regionalism – Brexit, the movie.
See it, below…

We love you, Brits.  My wife even faithfully reads Majesty Magazine.  Don’t let your freedoms, autonomy, culture, and nationhood slip away forever.  You have way too much to lose.

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