Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Gingrich doesn’t get it… and Ryan is a lost cause…

I couldn’t believe what I heard from Newt Gingrich on Hannity radio this afternoon.

After 6 months of campaigns where it was made abundantly clear over and over again that the Republican establishment has been the villain, that the Republican Party screwed things up in Washington, that the leadership seemed to support the Obama agenda more than any conservative agenda, that we need an outsider, that Trump is that outsider that we need, blah blah blah…

We then get this from Gingrich – who has apparently been out to lunch -  this afternoon…   (this is the paraphrased essence of what he said)

“Trump needs to realize that he’s playing two different games.  He played the primaries, did a fabulous job.  But now he has to play with the team.  This is a different game now.  He has the Republican team.  He has to learn how to play with his fellow Republicans.”

Newt, what you just said is insane if you’ve been paying attention.  The Republican “team” is the problem.  Trump is the new team manager.  The manager isn’t the problem.  A number of members of the TEAM are the problem.  The team has been screwing up.  They’ve lost their credibility.  And now members of the discredited team, Gingrich, Ryan and others, are telling the new Manager that he needs to work with the crappy team?Image result for Republican elitist idiocy gingrich ryan

Gingrich stated that what Trump said about the La Raza loving judge of Mexican heritage was “inappropriate.”  Ryan went even further and called Trump’s remarks “racist.”  This falls in the same category as calling those “racist” who disagree with Obamas progressive, socialist, pro-Muslim policies.  No, policies are not a race.  Progressivism is not a race.  And Islam is not a race.

Trump correctly labelled Gingrich’s comment “inappropriate” as indeed it was.

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