Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Entrepreneurs for Hillary are both puzzling and troubling

I spoke with a Realtor friend today who owns her own very successful real estate business.  Among other things, we briefly discussed the presidential election.

Understanding that she runs her own small business, I offered what I thought was a safe comment when speaking to an entrepreneur when I said "I guess you like Trump for president."  She surprised me when she said "No, actually I'll be voting for Hillary."

My misdiagnosis surprised me.  We continued a brief dialogue agreeing about the dangers of out of control and unvetted mass immigration that is currently taking place and which is certain to continue under a Hillary presidency.

Needless to say, this friendly exchange with a successful small business owner inspired this blog.

So, here is what I would ask a small business owner about their choice of presidents:

Clinton will continue Obama's out of control immigration policies.  Trump will reverse them or slow immigration until we can get a handle on who is coming in and how the current immigration rate affects our higher than average unemployment rate.  Which policy is better for both national security and for the American worker?

Clinton will continue Obama's policies that relinquish our nation's sovereignty and legal system to international agreements and control.  Trump wants to bring control back to our nation and enhance our sovereignty.  Whose policies will be better for business?

Clinton wants to increase environmental regulations which stunt our energy sector making it more difficult for the U.S. to become energy independent.  Trump wants to reduce and simplify regulations to enable our businesses to become more competitive and for the U.S. to become energy independent.  Which candidate will be better for business?

Clinton, like Obama, surrounds herself with Muslim advisers, several of whom have ties to Islamic terror groups.  She, like Obama, ignores any connection between Islamic terror committed by Muslims with Islam and Islamic doctrine.  Trump recognizes there is a connection and a problem and proposes to act to address what is obvious to most of us.  The continuing threat of Islamic terror is not good for business or our national security.  Which candidates policies are most likely to be better for business and national security?

Clinton policies reward an entitlement spirit and dependence on government.  Trump policies will reward an entrepreneurial spirit, independence, and strong work ethic.  Which is better for business?

I thought a small business entrepreneur would naturally prefer a Trump presidency for the above reasons.  But I was wrong.  There must be something else at play.  Is it gender?  Is it personality?

I shudder to think that gender or personality is more important to our electorate than what is best for our workers, our businesses, our competitiveness, and our national security.

AND, the differences above don't even begin to address the corruption, lying, and poor performance in office associated with Hillary Clinton.  How can she possibly be "the best candidate" in the mind of any entrepreneur, unless they base their opinion solely on gender or have a low opinion of the rule of law of our nation?  Such support reflects POORLY on the judgment of any entrepreneur who so superficially considers their favorite candidates.  So many among our electorate are just like that.  God help us.

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