Monday, April 11, 2016

Republicans great at disenfranchising voters…

Rush Limbaugh says “it’s just part of the ‘game’.”

Michael Savage says “it’s a rigged election.”

Ted Cruz says “Thank you Colorado for another resounding victory!”

And most [establishment] media simply say “Cruz has a better ground game.”

All the above comments were in response to the Republican Party in Colorado deciding a few months ago to deprive the citizens of Colorado the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate.  At the Colorado Republican Convention a few days ago a small number of Republican elite gave Cruz 30 of the 37 delegates without a single vote being cast by voters in the state.  The remaining 7 are uncommitted.

According to the Denver Post in August 2015,

“State Republican Party Chairman Steve House said the party's 24-member executive committee made the unanimous decision Friday — six members were absent — to skip the preference poll.”

The most recent major presidential poll in Colorado was taken in November 2015 by Quinnipiac University.  That poll gave Trump 17% of the vote when most of the 17 candidates were still in the race. 

Carson was leading with 25%, Rubio was second with 19%, Trump was third  with 17% and Cruz was fourth with 14%.  Given that Carson and Rubio are no longer in the race, Trumps’ and Cruz’  percentage would be much higher if a poll was taken last week.

So what occurred in Colorado?  Is it a “game” with the “rules” made up by 24 Republican leaders among 2,947,020 active Republican voters in the state?  Or is it a superior Cruz ground game?  This debacle is more the result of the Republican Party’s “anyone but Trump” campaign than it is a “great ground game by Cruz.”  Cruz reaped the spoils not intended for him as much as aimed against Trump.

I agree with the Trump camp.  It is gestapo tactics.   I describe it as the Republican version of the Russian Politburo.  I don’t think the term “republic” in “Republican” anticipated 24 Party elites deciding who should get all the delegates in a state with nearly 3 million voters.  This smacks of the Soviet “nomenklatura”, the elite membership of the Soviet governing system, so called because their names appear on the nomenklature or list of the most loyal Party officials eligible for senior posts at home and overseas.

How would you feel as a Colorado Republican voter who didn’t care much for Cruz?

This will bode not just poorly for the “Party” by will go a long way toward  disenfranchising half the voters, splitting and possibly destroying the Republican brand.

What were they thinking?  Is there that much weed in Colorado?

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