Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Among potential VP women, Joni Ernst stands out

This is how my research began…

My wife casually mentioned that Condoleezza Rice would be a good VP pick for Trump.  So I followed up on that suggestion by Googling “possible Trump VP candidates.”

I focused on women first because that would neutralize the Hillary gender card effect and  THIS website popped up that proposed five options for a female VP:

  • Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor
  • Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire Senator
  • Condoleezza Rice, former  Secretary of State under George Bush
  • Joni Ernst, Iowa Senator
  • Carly Fiorina, former HP exec. and former presidential candidate.

So what about these five?  Do any have potential land mines or obvious positives that would both counter the Hillary debacle and satisfy most conservatives?  While they all have some positives in terms of catering to gender or ethnicity, most have qualities that conflict with Trump’s messaging.

Here are the land mines:

  • Susana Martinez:  She does NOT support repeal of Obamacare in its entirely.  She supports Common Core.  While her Mexican heritage may bring Latino votes, it may also raise concerns about Mexican immigration, both legal and illegal.
  • Kelly Ayotte:  She voted for the comprehensive immigration reform bill of the Gang of Eight.  She voted to extend unemployment benefits to disincentivized the unemployed seeking employment.  She believes “climate change” is real and caused by human activity and supports the Clean Power Plan to address climate change and protect the environment.
  • Condoleezza Rice:  Her baggage is her role as Bush’s surrogate during the Iraq war – she was a proponent of that war.  She championed the ill-informed notion that democracies can be made of centuries old Islamic tribes and Sharia-inclined governments. From Wikipedia:  “In early December 2008, Rice praised President-elect Barack Obama's selection of New York Senator Hillary Clinton to succeed her as Secretary of State, saying "she's terrific".
  • Carly Fiorina:  Carly is Cruz’s VP pick.  Not a good one, either.  She is viewed by many as a failed executive.  She sides with the notion that climate change is real and caused by human activity.  She supported the DREAM Act that provided a path to citizenship illegals who graduate from US colleges or serve in the armed forces.  She was critical of Trump’s proposal to stop Muslim immigration “until we can figure what the hell is going on.”  She expresses little concern about Islam.  And her favorite business author is Communism’s inspiration, Hegel?  Wow!  Here is more on why Carly is a poor choice.


Joni Ernst:  I did not find ANY land mines in Joni Ernst’s Wikipedia profile.

In fact, virtually ALL of her political positions would support the concerns expressed by Trump throughout his campaign.  missing-bioAdd to that the fact that she is the only one of this bunch who served in the US military – having served from 1993 to 2015,  and retired from the National Guard as a Lt. Colonel.  Her current position as a mid-West senator will strengthen Trump’s status in our heartland.  She has been mild and forgiving in Trump’s comments about some women despite the biased headlines that infer otherwise.

Her lack of negatives and her many positives that promote the conservative agenda make her not merely a legitimate pick for Trump’s VP but also superior to Cruz’s pick.  And she represents more of what thinking citizens believe is urgently needed to be done to make America great again.

Here is a link to an interview during Joni’s 2014 Senate campaign…

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Brother Michael said...

Wow. Does Trump know about her...and would she be a willing participant? Big questions.