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The wishful thinking of a Brit about Islam…

I received an email, I’m guessing from a Brit, who opined that Islam is a declining threat to world order.  Hmmm, declining?

Referring to several of my earlier posts about Islam, the writer started off by saying, “I think you err in thinking that islam [sic] is thriving and growing.”

The email goes on to claim:

“The only data supporting the notion [of a growing Islamic presence] comes from a very superficial survey by Pew, combined with flawed population projections.  The question Pew asked fails to make any distinction between just unthinkingly going along with a label one has never thought about (as mona walter video mentions, and having changed to becoming a non-muslim despite the very real intimidations against doing so. 

It further fails to take into account the many "muslims" who are living a pretence for reasons that should be obvious.  A better guide to what is going on is the reports of huge numbers known to be rejecting islam even in the islamic heartlands.  And the failure of the dawah attempts, with most converts reverting back again.  Meanwhile the population projections are based on notions that the "muslim countries" are going to get richer, whereas the last few years have shown economic crises therein which are significantly worse than in the kaffir world, hence populations tending to increase not so much or even crash.  People aren't fleeing from x and y and z because there's too much fun and money going on there, but because they are desperately hoping that it won't be so bad in the kaffir lands.”

The above comments are false and misleading in a number of ways.  In fact, they constitute a Stockholm-syndrome-like “wishful thinking” that the Brits appear to be nurturing to provide a false sense of well-being in the midst of the massive Muslim presence in their country.

First, the Pew survey is not the only data supporting a growing Islamic threat.  It is only one of literally hundreds of studies, surveys, and national intelligence reports that come to similar, if not more ominous, conclusions.

Secondly, the so-called “economic crises” of the 99% majority Muslim Islamic countries has little to do with the growth or decline of Islamic terror or sympathetic Muslim adherents.  There are numerous and growing external revenue streams funding Islamic influence, coercion, and terror.  The current fundamentalist Islamic resurgence is not big on nation-building.  They couldn’t give a flying fig about building a prosperous nation, a la Western values.  That’s where our head is:  Thinking they are just like us – that they want the same things.  They aren’t and they don’t

They don’t need to be a wealthy “nation” to fund their supremacist Islamic movement.  Their abundant oil revenues sure help.  And they have other nations helping out.  Finances come from a number of places.  Our wealthy and “great ally”, Saudi Arabia, is one such source.  The wealthy Islamic oil nations of the Middle East (Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emerits, Kuwait) are another, as is the growing revenue stream from the burgeoning number of Muslims in the United States.

Thirdly, the psychosis of Islamic-motivated behavior is spreading.  There are any number of reasons for masses of Muslims leaving Islamic nations:  To escape war, to escape poverty, to escape whatever.  Some experts suggest purposeful jihad by migration.  But the one constant remains:  Their Islamic beliefs, culture and procreation.  And none of these traits encourage assimilation.  Assimilation just doesn’t happen with immigrant Muslim populations like it did for other mass migrations between Western nations.

Learn from the ant.  What happens when you kick an ant mound.  You see thousands suddenly scurrying about, headed where?  Headed to form new colonies.  And no, they don’t assimilate well with humans.

The writer continues…

“It is only because (for the first time ever) so many people are now working to expose islam that it is on the back foot.   But all the evidence indicates to me that it is.  It's very easy to be fooled by the illusions painted in the media.  The soviet union looked really powerful shortly before it collapsed to nothing.  Ditto Islam which as I said is now the laughing stock of the universe, the most hated ideology in history, and the vast majority of "muslims" either havent a clue what they "believe", or are only pretending, or are in denial due to the social pressure.  I have lived for many years closely among muslims and talked with many.  They are pathetic, they run away, they get upset, talk the most idiotic drivel like "why don't you ask an imam instead (cos I don't know what I believe" lol), this is not a strong ideology it is a pathetic sick joke dying on its feet!

“(One heavily-hijabbed muslima runs away each time I come into her tesco store, in case I might merely smile or say something to her. Such is the patheticness.  Contrast this with the Xtians who have held their faith in the face of being killed, in Judean times and still today.)”

The writer gives another false assumption that “Islam is on its back foot.”  True, many people are now working to expose Islam.  I suggest that number is up from 5% to maybe 10%.  Most media, most government officials, and most academia remain in the delusion of “it’s just a few radicals that have hijacked the otherwise peaceful Islamic religion.”  That is still the majority view of the primary institutions of Western society.

Muslims “run away?”  That is more a sign of avoiding contact with the infidel and avoiding assimilation than of any sign of regression.

Belgian security officials also thought Muslim radicals were were a diminishing breed and being adequately handled.  HERE is a report from last week oozing with confidence that Belgium has their Islamic problem all under control.  Part of the Belgian problem?  Their government has ignored the fact that unassimilated Muslims in their Muslim neighborhood do not give up their own.  Officials were deceived by the religion of deception.

What staggers the mind is that Islam, the “religion”, is still defended and protected by the majority of influential institutions in the West.  It is hardly a “pathetic, laughing stock.”  Islam is still stupidly defined as “one of the three great Abrahamic religions.”  Presidents and Popes, and I suspect, the British Prime Minister, still refer to Islam as “a religion of peace” and claim Christians and Muslims “worship the same God.”

As long as we maintain those ignorant beliefs, Islam will continue to thrive and grow as a grave threat to Western civilization and freedoms.

Here is a partial list of additional reasons why the writer’s view that Islam is on its way out is fantasy and wishful thinking:

  1. The history of Islam’s founding, the example of Muhammad, its doctrine and conquests all reveal the strategies and tactics of Islamic conquest which we continue to ignore.
  2. The recent (past several decades) resurgence of fundamentalist Islam as promoted and practiced in Islam's first several centuries of dramatic growth and conquest.
  3. The growth of what the media calls "radical Islam", although it is really resurgent fundamentalist Islam.  Most “non-radical” Muslims overtly or privately agree with and support those the media calls “radicals.”
  4. The increasing occurrence of violent, cruel, barbaric behavior that has been an integral part of Islam's doctrine and practice.
  5. The fact that ISIS is merely another incarnation of fundamentalist Islamic conquest.  There are dozens of similar groups morphing from one another.  Think "whack-a-mole."  New and more radical Islamic groups are evolving all the time.
  6. The growing incidence of Islamic-inspired attacks carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam (see "The Religion of Peace" website, specifically the documentation of attack by Muslims in the name of Islam HERE.
  7. Growing genocide of Christians, Jews, and other infidels around the globe committed by Methodists Muslims.
  8. The rapid growth of Mosques in the United States.  See article HERE.  Example:  Mosque growth in Florida HERE and HERE.
  9. Just because Muslims happen to be in the US does not mean their long established doctrines are any less hateful toward the infidel or that attacks against the infidel or his institutions are any less likely sooner or later.  This means that Islamic influence is spreading and will be increasingly difficult to control and suppress.
  10. Islam attracts misfits and disenchanted.  There are millions around the world and in the US.   This provides a fertile source of additional Muslim converts to be easily "radicalized" - e.g. in our jails once they are released; occupy Wall Street and the alliance of the left and Muslims in the US.  Many books have been written on the alliance of Muslims and our radical and not so radical left which is the camels' nose in the tent to give the illusion of Islam becoming "mainstream" leading to pseudo-acceptability and greater growth.  Still, Islamic doctrine remains the volatile fumes ready to ignite the masses as any perceived offense might dictate.
  11. The increasing billions of dollars dozens of nations have to spend to stem the expansion of violent Islamic influence in diverse places on the planet.  We don’t spend those sums to stem a threat that is declining.

It would be nice if the views expressed by the Brit were correct.  That would be nice.  But reality leads to opposite conclusions.

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