Monday, March 21, 2016

Put disruption and violence blame where it belongs…

Criminal actions are the responsibility of those who commit criminal actions.  They are not the responsibility of people the criminals don’t like.

The media doesn’t understand this.  Instead they blame those who speak the truth bluntly as being “inciters.”  Apparently the media cares little about our first amendment.  They too often avoid the truth in favor of the wet blanket of political correctness and wussiness of not offending anyone.  They would rather demean the truth teller than offend the disrupter.

Donald Trump has been blamed for not sugar-coating the dismal facts about illegal immigration, crappy trade deals, corrupt political institutions, and acts of terror committed by Muslims.  Talking about these facts that the media has avoided talking about has resulted in Trump being foolishly branded as the “inciter.”

Who are the real inciters, interrupters, disrupters, intimidators, destroyers, and criminals acting out against Trump and his supporters?  Who are the ones who are doing these things to shut down free speech?

Here they are in the order of likely participation:

  • George Soros and
  • Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
  • Occupy Wall Street sympathizers
  • Democrats, socialists, and Communists generally
  • Black Lives Matter sympathizers
  • Bored misfits and rabble for hire
  • Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  • Republican Establishment leadership and their minions

These are the groups and individuals who feel threatened by the fresh air of political truth and frankness.  They are following the example of Muslims who riot, threaten and carry out beheadings with any perceived insult.  And Bill Ayers, Obamas’ buddy, who blew up buildings.

The attitude of the media is that speech must never offend another, even if the speech is true.   And if speech does offend, speech is considered the inciter of violence and is to blame, not those who actually commit the violence.  That warped attitude certainly imposes a cold chill on our first amendment freedom of speech. 

The primary reason for our first amendment is to allow speech especially if it offends.

We have reached the point where speech that anyone disagrees with is labelled “hate speech.”  “Hate speech” is a recent creation of those who hope to stifle free speech.  We have too many psychotics who believe they are hated if anyone disagrees with their politics or religion.  And we have too many media who give credence to the offended psychotics.

Speaking the truth, in fact ANY free speech, ought to be celebrated - not condemned.  If such speech happens to offend, the responsibility of the rest of society is to defend that right and condemn those who use such speech as an excuse to disrupt and create mayhem.

Sadly, this is not happening.  The media, of all institutions, is ironically one of the major reasons why.

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