Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Well, then, I guess I’m a “Nativist”…

What is a nativist?

Definition 1:  Those who wish to protect the interests of native inhabitants against those of immigrants; supporters of the policy or practice of preserving or reviving an indigenous culture.  Those who support the political position of demanding a favored status for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to claims of newcomers or immigrants.

Definition 2:  What many Republicans and quite a few on the right are accusing Trump and his supporters of being.

Interestingly, I looked up antonyms for “nativist” on the web site  And there were none.

So I will make up one.  Here it is:

Definition of anti-nativist:  One who believes in open borders rather than controlled borders, believes in the law of the jungle rather than the law of the land, prefers the uncontrolled infiltration of foreign cultures and languages at the expense of their own, and promotes spending our deficit dollars on supporting those disrespecting our laws and culture.

Dang, the American Indians were nativists, and we are self-flagellating over what we’ve done to them.

Image result for nativist political cartoons

Do you find it odd, as I do, that many on the right, (it’s a given that those on the left agree), but many on the right dislike Trump for his blatant nativism.  HORRORS!  A candidate who is a nativist.  A candidate who wants to maintain the rights and privileges of citizens over those who enter the country illegally to suck out our resources.

I didn’t know that “conservatives” could be split over a variety of issues any more than they have been: fiscal vs. cultural; serious vs. unserious; talkers vs. doers, politicians vs. those that really want to do something, etc.  Now we have conservatives being accused of being, uggghhh, nativist, shhh.

And OMG, Trump is not being nice about it.

And I say, it is about damned time someone spoke up!


Diana West has an interesting column on this topic HERE.

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