Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trumps Immigration Policies Personified… and the value of “not nice”

A wonderful thing happened during a Trump press conference in Iowa tonight.   The sequence of events during the question and answer period were amazing and very instructive of what Trump’s immigration policy will be like.

Here is the sequence of events.


Trump was introduced.  He walked onto the stage.  As soon as he took the mike, Jorge Ramos, the news anchor for Mexican and pro-illegal immigration Univision, stood up and began to filibuster the news conference – lecturing, not asking questions.  Trump repeatedly asked that he not speak until he’s called upon.  Ramos kept shouting his questions – more like a speech or rant.  Trump asked him to sit down and wait till he’s called.  Ramos would not relent.   Trump looked over to his left toward security, gave them the nod.  Security came across the room toward Ramos, and escorted him out – all the time Ramos continuing with his rant. 

After Ramos was escorted out of the room Trump said if he behaves, he can come back in.

HERE is the link to the full press conference.

Now here’s the neat part – the event that gives us a preview of Trump’s immigration policy.

20 minutes later, near the end of the presser, Ramos returned to his seat at the front of the room.  Trump recognized him and invited him to ask his questions.  There were 3 or 4 back and forths with Ramos questions, with Trump doing his characteristic “excuse me” several times.  Trump maintained control of the exchange throughout.

Here is the analogy of this exchange with our needed immigration policy which is so great:

The Mexican who promotes illegal immigration personifies the illegal alien.  He comes in and begins to try to take over the agenda of the event not following the rules – forcing his free air time to promote his agenda (substitute “illegal alien taking jobs and social services from Americans”).  Trump proclaims he is out of order – this is not his venue (substitute “country”).  Ramos, the usurper, is escorted out of the room (substitute “deported”).

When Trump is ready (substitute “selective, legal process”) Ramos, the repentant usurper (“illegal alien”), is allowed back into the room (“country”) in a more controlled environment (“legal immigration”).  He is then allowed to speak (following the rules).  Trump controls the discourse and then proclaims that he and Ramos will have many conversations over the coming years (unstated but understood, “while I am president.”)

Many RINO’s and others who see only managed snippets of this event or who don’t give a crap will suggest that Trump was “not nice.”  Funny thing.  Every one of the CNN commentators of the event – CNN mind you – saw Ramos as the offender and Trump the benefactor of this confrontation.

What we may initially perceive as “not nice”, possibly even believing it may make a candidate “unelectable”, in this case turned out as a necessary and positive event for candidate Trump.  I would not be at all surprised if Trump’s battle with FOX, Roger Ailes and Meghn Kelly continues to turn to Trump’s advantage.

We have become so accustomed to “nice” that we have lost all sense of what is worth defending and fighting for.  We have become “nice” to every perverse and evil behavior and to every nation we deal with.  The outcome is a United States in a rapid moral, fiscal, and military decline.  That strategy is not working.  A reversal of the “nice” strategy to a more serious, committed and forceful mode is a deep and growing hunger in the heart of many Americans.  Trump’s strategy satisfies that hunger.

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