Friday, September 21, 2012

What if the message of the Muslim “trailer” is true?

The 14-minute video (trailer) about Muhammad that stirred the ire of the Muslim masses across the Islamic world has been condemned by most officials and media of the US.  Why?  Because it was poorly done?  N0.  Because it exposed the truth about the life of Muhammad?  No.  Because Muslims were insulted?  Apparently.   So, in the mind of the Muslim, whether or not something is true, if a Muslim declares he is insulted or offended by it, it should not be allowed.  If you are insulted by the truth of something, the truth should not be allowed.

In the case of this “trailer”, 90% of the content has been found to be in perfect accord with the Qur’an and Hadith.  In this case, Muslims have declared insult even though the content of the trailer is substantially true.

But here is the strange thing:  In the midst of all the media and public official condemnation and outcry of the movie, not one peep was heard about the substance of the movie, the fact the substance is true.  Our condemnation of the video is made out of laziness and ignorance.  Laziness because the media and public officials did not even bother to understand whether the video content was true or not.  And ignorant, because they refuse to face the facts about Islam, even when the evidence is all around.

The link below is to a lecture by Egyptian Christian Islamic expert Usama Dakdok.  He takes an hour to go point by point through the 14-minute video and compares it to the Islamic texts.  His analysis clearly demonstrates that the substance of the portrayal of Muhammad in the trailer  accurately reflects Islam and the life of Muhammad.  Click on the image under the heading “Revealing the Truth Behind the Mohammad Movie”.  The video does not play on the Chrome browser.

Here is what may be the reason for the psychotic Muslim reaction to this video:  Islamic tradition demands that the image of Muhammad shall not be graphically depicted either to the infidel or to fellow Muslims.  The movie is seen in the strange thinking of the Muslim mind  as similar to the insult perceived from the Muhammad cartoons of several years ago. 

Should that require that the truth of Muhammad shall not be shown?  Should that restrict the manner in which the truth is portrayed?  Of course not.  One of the reasons much of the West remains ignorant of Islam is because of thousands of other tantrums from Muslims which have occurred through the last few decades.  We have conditioned ourselves to condescend to their tantrums.  We are being manipulated and controlled by Muslims with the tantrum throwing  mentality of 3-year olds.

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