Thursday, September 06, 2012

We need the truth of Islam without name calling…

Here is a post from a Muslim on the far left Blog site, Think Progress quoting an individual in the audience at a St. Louis ACT for America Chapter meeting.

They point out one over the top comment made at an ACT meeting and attribute that comment to ACT.  That is WRONG and transparently misrepresentative of ACT for America.

ACT’s leaders bend over backwards; they  go out of their way to the point of ignoring the evils of Islam to be non-offensive to those it claims are moderate Muslims.

Here is the Think Progress quote:

MUSLIMS COMPARED TO COCKROACHES AT ST. LOUIS ACT! FOR AMERICA EVENT | St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Tim Townsend attended an anti-Muslim event hosted by ACT! for America this week where he witnessed the following remark. “They’re everywhere,” one woman in the audience whispered to her friend. “They’re like cockroaches.” Townsend concludes, “Unfortunately for American Muslims, we are about to enter a presidential election year, during which groups like ACT! for America and the Clarion Fund have historically spread anti-Islam messages that promote fear of ‘the other.’” As we explained in Fear, Inc., the hate group ACT!, founded by Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel, has a budget of nearly $1 million and comprises over 550 chapters and 170,000 members worldwide.

Obviously such disparaging remarks will discredit our cause.  This comment reminds me of a note I received from a representative of a St. Louis Chapter of ACT  through a third party warning me that I might be sued by ACT for summarizing my understanding of ACT policy I gleaned from a phone call I had with an ACT leader.

The above Think Progress rant and the “cockroaches” comment from an overzealous advocate trying to express himself is much more of a problem for ACT than I am.  My comments about ACT are aimed at promoting greater forthrightness about the truth of Islam.  Disparaging remarks about Muslims are the equivalent of shouting obscenities.

It is a narrow line we have to walk between excessively catering to Muslim sensitivities and being excessively mean-spirited in addressing Muslim behavior.  The truth of the evils of Islamic ideology must not be hidden under a bushel of political correctness.  Neither should the seriousness of our challenge be diminished with ill-conceived disparaging remarks.

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