Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pastors and Politicians are Deathly Silent…

…about our self-imposed double standard of tolerance of Islam.

Many have describe Islam as ‘the religion of peace’  while a few of us express the truth about Islam. 

Result:  Millions of Muslims feel insulted, riot and kill while many of us feel embarrassed by our “free speech.”  Example:  The 14-minute “trailer” that incited the Muslim world to riot and kill in 20 Islamic nations.  Or the cartoon of Muhammad that prompted Muslim riots and killing.

Millions of Muslims are taught to hate Christians and Jews and actively promote their killing: 

Result:  Christians are silent while violent persecution and killing of Christians and Jews by faithful Muslims is virtually ignored. Examples in this video:

Islamic-inspired persecutions of Christians rampant across the Middle East

We burn our troop’s Bibles in Afghanistan to avoid offending Muslims.

We condemn Americans who burn the Qur’an or produce a video about Muhammad.  At the same time we all but ignore the burning of Christian churches and killing of Christians and Jews throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

We are warned to be quiet about the truth of Islam by both radical and so-called “moderate” Muslims –and by most in the media and many in our churches.  We are all walking on eggshells, intimidated into silence, as if the truth is the new hate speech.

What is the worse insult: Telling someone their beliefs are evil, or actually killing them?  Islamic orthodoxy motivates their followers to kill.

We have been intimidated into tolerance and silence and many of us have become fearful.  Few are speaking out against this outrage.

Our churches and our politicians are silent.  Our churches don’t want to offend anyone or do anything that might threaten their tax exempt status.  Politicians are silent because they fear being called bigots or Islamophobes.

First, stop calling the problem “radical” Islam or  “radical Islamists”!  The problem is the orthodox Islamic ideology that promotes the hatred and killing of Jews and Christians as being next to Godliness – literally.

The problem is the church’s failure to tell the truth about Islam and the truth of its threat to our freedom of religion and expression.  Some church leaders are ignorant of the Islamic threat, true.  But others know and remain silent.

The problem is our collective failure to appreciate the faith and freedoms we have.

The problem is our belief that any and every ideology, no matter how vile, is worthy of respect and protection.  No!  They are not.  Speak the truth!

What you can do.

Learn and understand fundamentalist Islam, its beliefs and practices.

End your silence.  Accept your God-given duty to speak out in your churches parishes, and synagogues.  Be an influence for good, for freedom, for your faith.  Protect the things we say we hold dear.

Our inappropriate silence, our uncharacteristic fears, our excessive tolerance, and our self-imposed ignorance are contributing to our annihilation.

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