Friday, September 14, 2012

The battle of free speech vs. political correctness…

…and our nation’s gross ignorance of Islam
Let’s hear the outrage toward the continuing unforgivably poor handling by our government and media concerning events in North Africa and the Middle East over the last several days.

There are four central issues at play in the recent events:
  • Incompetence of the Obama Administration
  • Free speech
  • Political correctness
  • The nature of Islam
Incompetence of the Obama administration in the Egyptian and Libyan 9-11 debacles is undeniable.  Hillary and her State Department are guilty of nonfeasance and malfeasance for not identifying and preparing for the obvious on 9-11.   Intelligence received 48 hours before 9-11 was was deemed “non-actionable” and ignored.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  It is inexcusable that our embassies in unstable Islamic dominated nations remained vulnerable during this period.  Hillary and the Obama administration must be held accountable.  But they are seeking every scapegoat they can find.

Free speech was exercised by a California Coptic Christian from Egypt who was fed up and sickened by the persecutions of fellow Copts in Egypt at the hands of Muslims exercising their hatred of Christians.  Some media claim he is an unsavory character with a criminal record. (HERE is more about him.) Nonetheless, he exercised his free speech using the best method he knew to reveal the true nature of Islam that is terrorizing his fellow Christians.  He used the medium of a movie.   While the movie was poorly executed, its message about Muhammad, the basis of Islamic worship, intolerance, and violence, was generally accurate.  Now many in government and, ironically, the media, are calling for a suppression of free speech on Face Book, YouTube, and other new media that threaten their government-pandering old school media empires.

Political correctness, which avoids the truth of Islam, was in full bloom as exercised by Hillary Clinton, the State Department, the President, and most of the media, to blame free speech first so the Muslims in Libya and Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world would not be offended.  These media and government “leaders” are blinded by their political correctness, by their “don’t offend” priority, even if the truth must be squelched.  They all but threw free speech under the bus.  Three days after the initial psychotic behavior by Egyptian and Libyan Muslims, Hillary is still citing the “outrageous” movie as the cause of the rioting and killing.  The legitimate exercise of free speech is her scape goat for her own incompetence in office.

Ms. Clinton, in all the due respect I am capable of mustering, you are a damned fool.  You are personally accountable and responsible for the deaths of the men who were denied the protections that the man on the street in America knew they should have had.  Political correctness and pandering to the Islamists are central to our failures to mitigate the Islamic plague.

Islam promotes reactionary, psychotic behavior.  Whether this emotional defect is a consequence of the inbreeding condoned in Islamic doctrine, or due to the brainwashing resulting from the repetition of five daily prayers and indoctrination in hatred of the “infidel” by Islamic leaders, I do not know.  It is probably a combination of these factors unique to Islam.  These behaviors are in fact based on the example of the life of Muhammad.  The message of the movie attempted to reveal the corrupt life of Muhammad that motivates these Islamic bastards to do the evil they do.  The most likely reason why most Middle East and North African Islamic nations remain in near stone age conditions is their psychotic reaction to any criticism from the stone age Muhammadan mindset.

Bill Warner, an expert on the truth of Islamic doctrine, wrote an eye-opener titled “You Can Never Awaken a Man Who Is Pretending to be Asleep.”  Read it.  He corrects the apologists by reminding us that the rioters represent main-line Islam, despite the excuses the defenders of Islam attempt to promote.  Warner observes that,
[our leaders] “have refused to learn a single thing about Islamic doctrine and history since 9/11.  But, cheer up! When the dhimmis write about the beauty of Islam and how the Kafirs are wrong, read the comments.  You will find that the common man knows far, far more about Islam than the experts.  The higher you go, the less they know.”
In support of free speech, I would love to see an outpouring of anti-Islamic sentiment in letters to the editor, to our political leaders, to the State Department, to embassies of the US as well as those of Islamic nations, and all over the internet.  I would love to see the establishment of a “make a movie about Muhammad day” where all who possess any kind of video camera create a 5, 10, or 15 minute video, in whatever creative form they deem most captivating, of the life of Muhammad and post these on YouTube or whatever other video platforms are still available to free speech.

In commemoration of this time of threatened suppression of free speech, I am posting Ann Barnhardt’s ground-breaking video expressing her outrage of Islamic doctrine that pollutes the earth and exercising her right to do so.
Here is the one with the Arabic translation…
Here is the original…

For those of you who might cringe at my [stupidity][audacity][bigotry] [Islamophobia][insensitivity](pick one or more) in reposting these videos, you are part of our problem.  We should all engage in our own forms of outrage at our free speech being used as the scapegoat for our own government’s ignorance of Islam and incompetence in running our foreign policy.

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