Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Unlike Peal Harbor, the cause of 9-11 is still out there, unaddressed…

With Pearl Harbor, we eliminated the threat.  It took **serious** bombing, it took internment camps, it took the united will of the American people and our elected officials.

After 9-11, where not our military, but our civilians were murdered, we have a fraction of the resolve to eliminate the cause of that attack as we did in 1941.  Yes, we’ve had an 11 year war in Afghanistan and 10 in Iraq.  I am proud of all those who served and continue to do so.  But we haven’t had the courage to identify the enemy.  I believe those military actions were and continue to be political measures designed to appear to be “doing something.”  But what, really, have they accomplished?  What?

Yes, we’ve tightened up “homeland security.”  As a result, many of our OWN freedoms have been curtailed.  We still cater to Muslim demands and insensibilities.  We not only avoid identifying the enemy. We avoid “offending” the enemy.

We continue to fail to identify the root cause:  Those who believe and practice the Islamic ideology.  Islam is the new “protected class” instead of the known and declared enemy that it should be.  Very weird.

No, the threat is NOT a “religion.”  Islam is a political ideology couched in religious fervor, every bit a political threat as Nazism or Communism, both Islam’s allies.

We don’t want to offend the Muslims.  See what the US Embassy in Cairo Egypt had to say HERE.  Sure, there were those who didn’t want to offend the Japanese and and Nazi’s back in ‘42.  But common sense prevailed. 

Today, the enemy is still out there.  Not just “out there”, but in our halls of government, hand picked by the Commander in Chief of our Armed forces.  Our Generals have been trained and selected to “respect” the Islamic ideology that killed on 9-11.  Our Embassies are pandering dhimmis.

Of course we hear  that the 9-11 atrocities were carried out by a “perversion of Islam.”  An act of a few radicals, extremists. No it wasn’t! That is misguided BS.   It was part of a world wide orthodox Islamic resurgence to bring the infidel to its knees.  And we don’t yet admit it.

The cause of 9-11 is still out there.  And we are paralyzed from doing anything about it because the Islamists and their sympathizers have infiltrated our government, our military, our media and our educational systems.  We have been bought off by Saudi Arabia and their Islamic and Communist allies.

Pray for the resolve we possessed following Pearl Harbor.  Pray that we will understand and know our enemy and do the right thing to act on that knowledge.

The cause of 9-11 is still out there, unaddressed.

I agree with Ann Barnhardt:



What constitutes Justice? Nothing less than the total extermination of the islamic political cult from the face of the earth.

Nothing. Less.

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