Sunday, September 09, 2012

Rampant denial that “Islam” is the problem…

Before Fort Hood there was Little Rock.  You remember the so-called “work place violence” of Muslim Major Hassan who shouted Allahu Akbar as he shot at dozens and killed 12 US servicemen and women at Fort Hood, Texas.  You may not remember  the so-called “drive by shooting” of two US soldiers standing in front of a recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas, by a “home grown” terrorist after his intense indoctrination by Muslims in a Tennessee mosque and in Yemen.

Here is what these, and the dozens of less successful attempts at terror of the last few years in the US have in common:

1) They were all carried out by individuals who were indoctrinated in the ideology and practice of orthodox Islam (those who embrace the whole doctrine of Islam) for the express purpose of vindicating and furthering Islam.  They were all premeditated acts of hate in accordance with Islamic tradition and in the name of Islam.  Their actions were typical of orthodox Islamic practice for centuries as ingrained in Muslim thought in mosques throughout the United States, north Africa, and the Middle East.

2) Our nation’s leaders, from Congress, the the highest levels of our military, to the FBI, State Department, Homeland Security, the Attorney General, the President and most of the media deny these acts have anything to do with Islam.  The closest a small minority of these leaders can come to “the truth” is that such acts might have something to do with ‘radical Islam’ for fear of offending those who might be of the “moderate Islamic” persuasion.

News flash!!!  There is no “moderate Islam.”  There is Islam and there is Zudhi Jasser’s “apostate” Islam – the fantasy Islam that virtually every mosque in the United States shuns.  

Tonight I viewed the documentary “Losing Our Sons”, a painful account of denial by our nation’s leaders and media that orthodox Islam is the root of the terror problem that our nation is spending hundreds of billions defending against.  We are destined to lose this fight because we have not identified the enemy:  the Islamic ideology.  It follows that if we don’t know our enemy, we are wasting lives, billions of dollars, and jeopardizing our nation’s future.

Here are two video links to interviews about this documentary.  The first is an interview by Stakelbeck on Terror.  The second is a panel on Hannity’s show.

Yes, many will see “Losing Our Sons” as a touching story of two dad’s who share the grief of lost sons as viewed from the opposite sides of the same “drive by shooting.”  I see it as a stunning indictment of our nation’s leaders blind and ignorant fear of offending Muslims.  Islam has become a sacred cow in this country.   Our leaders have chosen the wrong course.  Here is the hierarchy of misdirected policies concerning those shouting Allahu Akbar as they carry out their terror attacks:

Public relations position #1:  Deny that Islam or jihad or terror have anything to do with Muslims shouting Allahu Akbar as they attempt to blow up or shoot their targets.  Expunge all meaningful terms from all government training manuals and policy documents dealing with terror acts committed by Muslims.  This is the favorite of the Obama administration.

Public relations position #2:  Deny that Jihad has anything to do with Islam.  This is a recently stated belief of Mitt Romney.

Public relations position #3:  Deny that Islamic supremacism and terror have anything to do with Islam; it is only “radical” Islam that is the problem.  This position presupposes that “radical Islam” is a perversion of Islam.  It is not.  It also presupposes that “non-radical” or “moderate” Islam is not a threat.  It is.  This position denies the fact that the root cause of terror attacks is informed and motivated by historic Muhammadan orthodox Islam, not “radical Islam.”  This is the position of many who wish to warn us about Islam but who, out of an abundance of political correctness and half truths, limit their warning to “radical Islam.” The leadership of ACT for America have taken this position.

Even in this documentary, “radical Islam” was named as the problem 20 or 30 times.  “Orthodox” Islam was mentioned once.  That is misleading and does not inform of the truth.  Islam is the problem.

You know what “radical” Islam really is?   It is Zudhi Jasser’s Islam, the Islam that requires the spiritualizing or dismissal of half the Islamic texts for one to be able to unhypocritically say the things Jasser says. His is a radical view.   That just might be why Jasser is considered an apostate in virtually every mosque in the US.  But our media loves him because he provides a “hope”, however false and misleading, that Islam is really OK.  It is only those pesky “radicals” we have to keep our eye on.  This is so misleading, it avoids the truth, and avoids dealing with the threat we face.


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I find it scary. I'm trying to arrive at an informed position on Islam.

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