Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will the real Obama please exit stage left…

Many Americans who care a whit wonder who Obama really is and where he came from.  We know of his communist influences throughout his life, his Muslim preferences and appointments,  and his “loath and destroy America first” policies.  His birth place has been questioned as has his qualifications to be president.

Now we have a new Drudge headline:


The source is a 1991 publication by Obama’s then literary agent promoting a proposed book titled “Journies in Black and White”, a never published precursor to “Dreams from My Father.”  Thank you for being more diligent, professional, and honest than the vast majority of other reporters and news agencies in this nation.

HERE is more on this, including more details on the assistance this “young foreign student” received from Bill Ayers.  Courtesy of World Net Daily

What do you think Michelle means in this video when she says “…when we took our trip to Africa and visited his home  country in Kenya…”  

…or is it Indonesia, or Kansas, or Hawaii…gee, I’m not sure.

I was born in the US with grandparents born in Lithuania and Italy. No one during my many decades on earth has ever referred to my “home country in Lithuania” or “my home country in Italy.” I visited Italy two years ago and no one ever even hinted Italy was my “home country.”

Then we have this from 2004…


More from InfoWars HERE.

All of this is no thanks to the MSM’s outrageous massive cover-up that should make Watergate seem like a tiny white lie. distances itself from it own facts by claiming:

The real mystery is not where Obama was born--which has long been settled--but why Goddard failed to ask her agent a single relevant follow-up question about how the 'fact checking error' occurred in the first place.

Long since settled?  Since when?  Who settled this?  Based on what?  Why in the world would the Breitbart site discredit their own reporting?  Are they, too, trying to be politically correct in opposition to what the facts are showing?  Doesn’t a Kenyan-born president add credence to the birther’s claim of presidential disqualification?  Are these facts that hard to face?   Diana West, author of the best selling book “Death of the Grown Up” comments on this excellent question HERE.

I never could figure out why most media dismiss those who have done research into Obama’s past and resort to demeaning name calling the diligent researchers “birthers.”  Those O’Reillys, Huffingtons, Maddows, Matthews, Courics, Winfries, and now Breitbarts of the “head-in-the-sand, too-“politically correct”-to-accept-the-facts” crowd demean their profession and discredit the media they represent.

These same characters will, in the coming hours and days, declare the 1991 Obama promotion piece either a misprint, an editorial error, or a fabrication.  They will not even consider it could be the truth – just like their non-reaction to the overwhelming evidence that the “revealed” Hawaii birth certificate is a fabrication. 

Update:  Wow.  It has not been more than two hours since this tidbit was originally posted that  a defender and promoter of Obama who is still his literary agent claims it was a “fact checking error.”  

"This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me--an agency assistant at the time…" claims Miriam Goderich, now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.

How nice of her to cover for him.  Of course she has to.   Her firm has a fiduciary relationship with him.  After all, she is the one who failed to expunge this revelation from the public record.  More HERE.

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