Monday, May 14, 2012

“…we’re both practicing Christians…” saith Obama

“In taking on same-sex marriage, Mr. Obama made a point of couching his views in religious terms. ‘We’re both practicing Christians,’ the president said of his wife and himself in the ABC News interview in which he discussed his new views. ‘And obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others.’”  New York Times, May 13, 2012

No joke, Sherlock.  Which brings us to the great “Christian” divide.  If Obama or Michelle are practicing Christians, I am a practicing moon goddess.

Seriously (if anyone can take Obama seriously),  Obama epitomizes the great divide in Christianity.  There is a greater distinction in this divide then there is between denominational differences.  There are biblical Presbyterians and liberal Presbyterians, there are conservative Methodists and progressive Methodists.  There are traditional Catholics and there are communist Catholics.  Conservative Presbyterians have more in common with conservative Lutherans, conservative Methodists, and conservative Catholics than they have with liberal Presbyterians, and on down the line.  Based on my personal experience, these differences and commonalities extend to Christians and Jews as well.

Denominational doctrinal differences pale in comparison to the differences between the conservative and liberal versions of most Christian  and Jewish sects.   Liberal Christians want unbridled sex.  Conservative Christians, not so much. (I had to throw that in there.)

What are these conservative/liberal differences that create such a chasm?

Here are a few that come to mind:

Biblical authority:  Conservative Christians respect the Bible as the inerrant word of God.  Liberal Christians dismiss major portions and themes as either relegated to past cultures and not applicable today, or they discredit major portions with their academic, atheist-inspired “higher criticism”, giving the benefit of the doubt to their disbelief and generally rebellious attitude.

Role of God and faith in government and society:  Conservative Christians believe their faith and moral principles should not be limited to their private lives and the church but should extend to all areas where they have influence -  and not by coercion or legislation, but by sound reasoning.  Liberals, oddly, have more restrictive views, mandating the exclusion of Judeo-Christian Biblical moral influences from government and society.

Value of life: Conservative Christians value life.  Based on traditional Biblical morality, they fight for the life of the unborn, elderly, and infirm, despite the cost.  Liberals favor abortion and euthanasia to enhance their personal levels of comfort and convenience.

Prayer in public places:  Conservative Christians want to maintain the centuries old American tradition of prayer in public schools and other public places.  Liberals want to stifle this public demonstration of faith as “offensive to some.”

Morality:  Conservative Christians embrace the fact of moral absolutes.  Liberals are moral relativists.  They call anyone who believes otherwise a “bigot” and any manner of “-phobe.”  These differences include opposite opinions on homosexuality, gay marriage, pornography, music, clothing and pop culture.

Islam:  Conservative Christians understand Islam, all of it,  as historically in opposition to and incompatible with Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality.   It is considered subversive and a threat to religious freedoms and western civilization generally.  Liberals embrace “moderate” Islam as benign religion worthy of protection, often giving preferential treatment over Christianity.

Which gospel?:  Conservative Christians focus on a personal, Christ-centered gospel which promotes personal responsibilities for our faith and actions in assisting others.  Liberals have embraced a “social gospel” that relies on coercive big government authority via legislation, taxation and government bureaus and programs to impose their version of social good.

The currently en vogue new wave, new age, progressive, politically correct, nicey nicey, loosey goosey, uber-tolerant, anything goes, never judge, cum bey Yah, rock band, feel good version of Christianity is a gross, satanic distortion of Christianity.  And Obama, the pro-Muslim taqiyya-inspired deceiver, is front and center in what is much worse than any of the major non-orthodox Christian religions that have been called “cults”:  Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, and Christian Science.  At least these have a high regard for Biblical morality and the truth and value of Scripture.  The Obama-esque liberal Christians have devolved into a “worse-than-a-cult” anti-Christ.

Interestingly, each side thinks the other is nuts, weird, or out of touch.  They can’t both be right.

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rjones said...

This is a good description of family divides also. I know of families, and I am a member of one, that divide along the same lines as you commented on. All the more reason for us to continue to reach out to the "less enlightened".