Saturday, May 05, 2012

Race-based voting: Which race is doing it now?

Many African Americans voted for Obama because he was perceived as African American, not because of the ideology and policies he represented.  Race trumped ideology.  That equals racism.

Whites did not vote for McCain because he was white.  They voted for him because of the ideology and policies he represented compared to Obama’s.

Here is the proof:

First, what proportion of blacks voted for Obama?

“All major exit polls showed between 96% and 97% of African Americans who voted, voted for Obama.”

What proportion of whites voted for Obama?

“Between 44 and 45% of Caucasians voted for Obama and about 55 to 56% voted for McCain.”

What do these numbers indicate?  That nearly all blacks, despite their political persuasion, voted for Obama.  There is not nearly that high a proportion (96%!) of blacks who agree with Obama’s ideology, as I will demonstrate in a moment.

White votes were distributed along substantially ideological lines, not race – close to half and half. 

Now we need to compare black ideology with black  votes cast.

What is the political ideology (conservative/liberal) of blacks in the US.  Let’s take a look.

Here are facts from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, a study entitled “A religious Portrait of African-Americans.”  Scroll halfway down that Pew page to “Section III:  Social and Political View”.  Here are some excerpts:

“Like the overall population, African-Americans are more likely to describe their political ideology as conservative (32%) or moderate (36%) than as liberal (23%).”

Yet 96+% of blacks decided to vote for Obama despite their ideology .    Obama had the most liberal voting record in the Senate.  Yet most conservative blacks voted for him anyway.  Why?  Because he was perceived to be “black.”

“Overall, 49% of African-Americans favor keeping abortion legal in most or all cases, while 44% want abortion to be illegal in most or all cases.”

Yet the great majority of the 44% who oppose abortion voted for Obama, the abortion proponent, anyway.  Why?  You know the answer.

“Significantly more African-Americans (70%) report that they prefer bigger government compared with the total population (46%), who are much more divided on the issue (43% prefer smaller government).”

Of the 30% of blacks who prefer smaller government, nearly all of these voted for a man who demonstrated he is a champion of bigger government – the most liberal politician in the Senate.  Why?  Racism and hypocrisy.

Listen.  It doesn’t matter to me that those of whatever race who are liberal vote for a liberal candidate. But it is racist for those who are not liberal to vote for a liberal candidate because he is black.

If 96% of whites voted for McCain, I would know there is racism in River City.  They didn’t.  44% voted for Obama.  But because 96% of blacks voted for Obama, I know there is racism in River City.

What is sad is that most blacks won’t deny it.  They will justify it.  Conversations I have had confirm this. They will say their time has come.  The man could be Satan incarnate.  Or Mao, or Stalin, or Hitler, or Bin Laden.  He is black…he is one of us, and by God, I’m going to vote for him.  That is racism, my friend.  And foolishness and self-destructive because it goes against the good that a large proportion of blacks claim they stand for.  But I guess not.  Many stand for race over common sense.

Just for the record, here are several examples of things that Obama has done that I am certain are contrary to the preferences of between 30 and 50% of all blacks:

  • Foreign affairs:  He thwarts our allies and apologizes to our enemies.
  • Islam:  He panders to Islam as though he were a Muslim.
  • Economy: He promotes more governement spending when our big problem is our national debt. 
  • Taxes and regulation:  He proposes higher taxes and more regulation when the private sector requires more freedom from taxes and regulation to create jobs.
  • Jobs:  He directs taxpayer money to create jobs overseas.
  • Energy:  He stifles exploration, drilling and transport of oil and gas within the US.  He promotes “skyrocketing” (his words) energy costs to encourage inefficient and much more costly “green energy.”
  • Civil unity:  He has promoted more discord between classes and races than any president in recent history with his quick uninformed comments about various police incidents.
  • Middle class:  In a nation that has been proud of the size and success of its middle class, he comes from a church that disavows “middleclassness”.  His policies reflect his desire to disavow (aka “destroy”) the middle class in America
  • Capitalism:  His background and past and current associations are tied to those who avow socialism, communism, and radical, sometimes violent action to achieve their aims.  His policies and appointments reflect these associations.  His policies are aimed at killing capitalism.
  • Abortion and other social issues:  He has been the most anti-Christian president in America’s history.  His policies are in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic church and most protestant moral principles
  • 9-11 trial:  The Obama administration attempted to try the 9-11 perpetrators in domestic civil courts blocks from the World Trade Center, creating a media circus and an al Qaeda propaganda gold mine.  How nice.   Oh, just for grins, here is a live blog of the performance of these little sweethearts during their arraignment yesterday.  Can you imagine the theatrics if it was on world wide TV in NY?
  • Terror threat:  Obama promotes removal of any reference in State Department, FBI, and Military training manuals to Islam or Islamic terrorists, or Islamic or Muslim radicals being associated with any of the acts of terror around the world and in the United States.
  • Islamic terrorists:  The Obama administration calls Major Hasan’s acts of Islamic terror that killed 13 and wounded 29 US soldiers at Fort Hood  “work place violence” despite his avowed Islamic ideology and stated Islam-related reasons for the killings.  It is ***still*** under investigation, with no charges yet filed and no prosecution date in sight.  Hey, it's only been two and a half years!

I could go on, but I didn’t want to spend the rest of the night doing this – it’s depressing.

So, I’m wondering.  Are the blacks who vote for Obama happy with this situation?  Is race-based voting really doing it for you?  Is voting for someone because of race versus the religious and ideological values you otherwise believe in really worth it to you?  Do you have any concern that this whole “vote-race-at-all-costs” gambit you are on will backfire and poison the well for a more mainstream black candidate even a generation from now?

Ahh, hope and change.  Race-based voting.  Sixty years later, it’s now the black’s turn.  From what I hear, I don’t expect much change in this next election, either.

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