Sunday, May 06, 2012

Stalin and Snopes: Two peas in a pod

There is a widely circulated quote from Stalin that Snopes claims is “probably false” although they have no way of proving this.  They can cast doubt but they cannot disprove.

Here is the quote:
“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold:  its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.  If we can undermine these there areas, America will collapse from within.”
One very credible source of this quote is the Canada Free Press in an article from January 2010 titled “Joseph Stalin:  Memoirs of a Leftist Madman” by Kelly O’Connell.  There are many other credible sources for this quote for anyone who seeks them.

One of the reasons Snopes declares this quote is “probably false” is “this statement doesn’t really sound like something Stalin would have said, as its subtext is praise for the strengths of American patriotism, morality, and spiritual life.”

What an ignorant claim.  This excuse is not even up to Snopes questionable standards of rebuttal.  This quote is exactly something Stalin would have said.  He harbored a great disdain for patriotism, morality, and spiritual life.  These three were the key impediments to his communist revolution.  Communism is atheistic.  It has no use for the “spirtual life” of people.  Morality was part and parcel of that spirituality and it certainly got in the way of his new morality of coercion and killing.  And the patriotism inherent in his “mother Russia” worked against his lust for a new order.  He applied each of these principles to the United States.  His point was the same impediments he experienced in Russia could be overcome in the United States if these three qualities could be eradicated.

Why would Snopes attempt to discredit this particular Stalin quote?  Because they are part of the liberal effort to bring leftist change to our nation.  This quote hits too close to home in revealing the essence of the leftist methodology for achieving their objectives.  Just about all radical leftists,and communists, from Cloward and Piven to Bill Aires, to Bernadine Dohrn - and I’m convinced Barack Hussein Obama - subscribe to the methods encompassed in this quote.

Progressives, socialists, leftists, Communists, whatever you want to call those who seek radical change toward bigger governments, higher taxes, more regulations and ultimate chaos in this country are following Stalin's advice.  And unfortunately they have had remarkable success in destroying these three qualities of American culture.

Obama is a cheerleader for the demise of patriotism, morality, and spirituality, although he publicly feigns his support during his more careful appearances.

Those conservatives who claim that only fiscal conservatism is important; that “cultural” conservatism is an unimportant distraction miss this important lesson from Lenin and all leftists of the previous century.  Patriotism, morality, and spirituality are essential cornerstones to the continuing prosperity of our republic.

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Unknown said...

My dad was a WWII vet. About 40 years ago, he quoted this almost word for word to me and credited Stalin with it. My father worried that we would end of destroying ourselves. I know there is some controversy regarding this quote...however, how would my dad have known this some 40 years ago? His words were different, but the meaning was the same. He had the destroy America part from within and that other stuff about the three areas. Just wanted to share. My dad was extremely intelligent and well-read. Therefore, I believe he knew about this!