Thursday, May 10, 2012

Immorality flood gates opened wider…

Our culture is toast.  Another nail  has been pounded into the coffin of our nation’s moral standards.

Barack Hussein Obama is the one who hammered it.

For the first time in our nation’s history, and I think it is safe to say, the first time in several thousand years that the leader of a leading nation, one the world has looked up to, has declared that homosexual marriage should be performed and recognized as a right and respected by the laws of the land.Controversial: Newsweek released their cover early, likely hoping to drum up attention for their next issue and their same-sex marriage coverage

About this cover:  After Time magazine went with a cover shot of a young blonde mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old boy, Ms Brown is said to have taken it in stride, saying 'let the games begin!'

The article accompanying the cover was written by the news magazine's regular blogger, Andrew Sullivan, who is an openly gay self-titled conservative political pundit.

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Oh contraire, you say.  Dick Chaney endorsed gay marriage in 2009.  First, he did not make this pronouncement when he held any official government position.  Second, he justifies his position on the basis that one of his daughters is gay. Ask yourself this:  If he had a son who engaged in pedophilia, would he endorse pedophilia?  Hmmm.  One of Obama’s justifications for coming out is that he has staff who are gay.  If he had staff who were members of the Muslim Brotherhood who engaged in acts of terror, would he endorse acts of terror?  Oh wait.  He does and he does!  Does an immoral set of behaviors among family or employees really justify endorsing that behavior?  C’mon!  I can see being supportive of friends and family, but to defend immoral behaviors really brings ones own morality into question.  Judge not?  Bull s—t.

Of course those who have no foundation in traditional Judeo-Christian or any other religious morality will applaud Obama’s coming out.

It is perfectly logical to me that such sanctioning of homosexual union is another domino in the chain of falling moral standards.  The first was the sanctioning of killing of pre-born infants.  The next is this sanctioning of homosexual marriage.  What universally recognized immoral practice do you think will be next to receive the endorsement of our pandering national leaders?  Here is a list of possibilities:

  • Polygamy (practiced by Muslims and formerly by Mormons; still by one Mormon sect)
  • Man-child love (currently known as pedophilia and practiced by some Catholic priests and other abusers)
  • Bestiality (yes, there are advocates)
  • Rape:  (Islamic ideology sanctions this practice in marriage; part of Sharia law that liberal judges promote; one small step from political correctness)
  • Incest:  (a common Muslim practice in many nations; we may be forced to accept this under the banner of “cultural diversity”)
  • Euthanasia of the non-productive elements of society (i.e. the very young, the infirm, the elderly.  This approach is embodied by default in the “death panels” of Obama-care.)
  • Government sponsored assassinations based on political non-conformity:  This practice has reached new heights in the Obama administration.

Google any one of these behaviors and you will see an organization or special interest group that practices or promotes these currently immoral behaviors.  Which ones are gaining most in popularity or usefulness to our society?  Which ones will receive the imprimatur of our next amorality-pandering leader?

Homosexuality is just the most recent among the moral taboos to be tossed into the dustbins of bigotry.  But of course today if we are critical of anyone's immoral, anti-social, destructive, obscene, or terrorist behavior we are called a bigot, homophobe, racist, or gun-toting Bible-thumper.

The ones who call us that are destroying the moral fabric of our nation – as if they really care.  No, no, no.  Its all about them.  Its all about their rebellion.  They want their freedoms without any responsibility, without any limits without any regard for the standards that enable a society to be orderly and productive.

I don’t think the direction our nation is headed is going to end well.

See also Ann Barnhardt’s powerful warning about Obama’s announcement HERE.

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