Saturday, May 12, 2012

Even “” is corrupted…

I’ve had an internet  Christian forum as one of my “Favorites” for over a year for one of my sources in my research of the beliefs of various denominations.  The other day I decided to post one of my blogs, the one about Obama “coming out” in favor of homo-marriage on the “Christian current affairs” section of that forum.  I expected general support and affirmation of my comments.

Well, let me tell you, it might as well have been titled “The ‘Current Affairs’ of Christians” section of the forum.  I estimate a four to one ratio of those those who favor homosexuality and homosexual marriage over those who still believe it is a perversion, as in “perverts.”

Additional perverted views of those promoting homosexual marriage were also on full unabashed display as they argued their defense of homosexuality.  Here are a few of their comments:

  • “The Bible is full of inconsistencies and contradictions; therefore Christians are free to choose any behavior they like.”  Those of this opinion have either never made the effort to understand the Bible or have over-analyzed it using the critical methods of the faithless skeptics.
  • “We were never a Christian nation; we were an “anti-Christian” nation.”  Those of this opinion practice sloppy history, failing to distinguish between the oppressive sect-driven politics of the Old World from Christianity.  They refuse to admit that almost all the founders were Christian as were most of the immigrants decades before and after our nation’s founding and that our form of government is based on Biblical Christian principles.
  • “Obama is just one of many world leaders that endorse gay marriage.”  Those of this opinion dismiss the significane of the leader of the free world coming out with his immoral pronouncement.  While there may have been leaders of minor nations who have expressed this opinion, I am not aware of a leader of a major world power ever declaring his support of homosexuality and gay marriage.

Most who commented appeared to be staunch Obama supporters and promoters of a very liberal brand of Christianity, if they are Christian at all.  They demonstrated to me that they hold a very low view of the Bible and traditional Christian teaching and morality. The so-called “cults” have greater faith in the Bible and Biblical morality than these.  In fact, the frequenters of that Forum dismiss the moral teachings of the Bible as obsolete and irrelevant quirks of ancient cultures that oppose the full flowering of our human potential and liberties.  Nauseating at best.  Satanic at worst.   They are in fact in open rebellion against God.

These “Christians” believe that liberty should be without moral constraint.; that liberty can exist without responsibility; and that Biblical morality is the problem.  This reminds me of  the view from a former Baptist minister who now teaches Bible at a local Episcopal church I met a few months ago.  He believes conservative Christians distort the teaching of the Bible and are the primary cause for conflict in politics and in the church today.  He may have a point.  He would prefer that Christians who believe the Bible means what it says, is true and the word of God, and that it should be applicable to the world today, these people should just shut up and sit down because they make too much trouble.  I say “nuts” to that.

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