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“Radical Muslim” this and “Radical Islam” that…

I continue to be annoyed by media, commentators, and politicians referring to the daily heinous events perpetrated by Muslims as being caused by “radical Islam” or “radical Muslims.”

Here is the latest:  Nigeria radical Muslim sect kills security agent

Whether from the media on the left or the right, there is a gross misrepresentation of the aspect of Islam that is engaging in terror, murder, and chaos.

Saying these ongoing atrocities are being committed by “radical Muslims” or “in the name of radical Islam” is erroneous.  It is like saying the bombing of London during WWII was carried out by “radical Nazi’s.”  Hey, it was carried out by Nazis!  That’s who they are.  That’s what they did!

Islam itself is radical.  It is not some deviant “radical” offshoot that commits these acts.  It is Islam.  Historic, orthodox Islam as created by Muhammad and as promoted and taught by the majority of Islamic leaders and scholars since its beginning.  Islam began “radical”  and remains radical – the main body of the Islamic  ideology is radical – not some distorted, misinterpreted off-shoot of Islam.

The “radicals” of Islam are the tiny minority of Muslims who disavow Sharia law and the “lesser jihad”, that is, violent jihad.  The “radicals” are the tiny minority of powerless Muslims who argue that Islam is not supremacist and that there is no desire or intention of subverting the republican constitutional form of government in the United States.  Zudhi Jasser comes to mind.  He is so radical that he needs to eliminate or reinterpret half of Islamic scripture to come up with a peace-loving Islam that even vaguely approaches what Judeo-Christian culture understands as “peace-loving.”  Portraying Jasser as the poster boy of Islam is a deception.  He is the poster boy for a tiny, powerless, unorthodox fringe of Islam.

The vast body or Muslim leadership around the world  favor the use of violent jihad, favor the imposition of sharia law as broadly around the world as Allah allows, and promotes the ideology of Islamic supremacism through subversion or violence as fits the occasion.  This is orthodox, mainstream Islam.  This is not a radical offshoot.

Why else would so many dozen acts of terror each week around the world be carried out in the name of Islam?

The sooner our political leaders and media can grasp this reality, the sooner we will understand what we are really dealing with and begin to make progress in preserving our culture and form of government.

Call it what it is:  Muslim atrocities.  Islamic atrocities.  Not “radical Muslim” atrocities or atrocities in the name of “radical Islam.”

Here is another perspective of the same problem of denial – a revelation of the number of deaths from Islamic Jihad over the centuries by Bill Warner:


The Black Hole of History by Bill Warner

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Everybody knows that Turkey, Egypt, North Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Islamic nations (there are 57 in all) are nearly 100% Muslim. Those countries were Christian, Buddhist and Hindu. Exactly how did this change to Muslim happen?

When you read history it seems that Islam came, and, magically, the countries are Islamic. But of course an event of this magnitude did not simply happen. But our schools insist that Islam “just happens.” In fact, the entire history of the rise of Islamic imperialism is denied in the curriculum of our private, state and religious schools. Our schools don’t teach how Islam transforms each and every nation it invades to pure Islam, how it happens and what the consequences are. This is the law of Islamic saturation.

Our history denies the truth of the Islamification of civilizations. Actually, our history denies that Islam is even involved. It was the Turks, the Arabs, the Moors and so on. There is no Islam, just some ethnic group.
Look even closer at the history and ask this question: how many Kafirs (non-Muslims) died in Islamic conquest? You may find a number of dead here and there at a particular battle, but the establishment answer of the number murdered by jihad is zero, zip, none. In fact, there was not even a category called “jihad deaths.” You see Islam just happens.

After 9/11, there was an intellectual response to the establishment intellectual vacuum about how Islam actually functioned. A revolution of new scholarship on Islam was created by those amateur scholars who are outside the brain-dead establishment academy. The minds and labors of Bat Ye’or, Spencer, Trifkovic, Bostom, Warraq, Warner, Phares and many others tackled the problem of the true nature of Islam. The new scholarship gave answers to all of the questions Islamic colonization of the world.

The Center for the Study of Political Islam coined the name, Tears of Jihad, for the deaths caused by Sharia law. There is no way to actually come up with a precise number of deaths, because Islam has written the history (after all, they were the winners) and, of course, the history is all beautiful. There is only one way to even get close to a precise answer and that is for the academy to take up this subject and treat it as a priority. Conferences would be held, papers given, journals published with peer reviews and the rest of the academic critical thought process would go on for decades and many papers.

If the answer to the total jihad deaths is not zero, then CSPI proposes that 270 million Kafirs have been murdered over the last 1400 years. This figure includes 60 million Christians and 80 million Hindus. What if only 30 million Christians had been killed? Does that mean that we should continue for churches to ignore the Coptic murders in Egypt today and deny the million Armenians killed in the 20th century? Would Hindus have more or less courage if only 50 million, instead of 80 million had been murdered?

This is a civilizational problem, not an accounting problem. It is not that we deny that 270 have been killed by jihad; we deny that Islam is even at war with all Kafirs and Kafir civilization. A better kill number won’t erase the cowardice that blinds us today to an acknowledgment that Islam has a history of annihilating all civilization—the law of Islamic saturation.

It is interesting to see people’s reaction to the numbers. The vast majority ignore them. They don’t want to know. The most political figure is the number of Africans killed in jihad for the slave trade. The establishment tells us that all slaves were bought here from the West coast of Africa by Christians. It turns out that the slave trade was also on the Mediterranean and the east coast of Africa and each and everyone of the wholesalers in Africa were Muslims. This knowledge violates the establishment dogma of Christian evil.
One of the failures of the number 270 million is that it does not include the number of the Zoroastrians killed in Persia and other minorities such as the Sabians and Bahai. Who knows how many peasants died in some village without a name, simply because they did not believe that Mohammed was the prophet of Allah?

So, if the number is not 270 million, then what is a better number? Use critical thought to answer this problem, and don’t tell us that the number is zero. Give us an improvement, not a denial. We have had denial for 1400 years.

Facts and numbers are important but the real tragedy here is that our schools don’t teach the history that is the source the world’s greatest suffering caused by Islamic jihad imperialism. Since establishment professors and historians refuse to touch the subject of the Tears of Jihad, we must depend upon other scholarship to address the question of how we get the exact numbers. To that end, if you can improve any of the death figures with factual data, go to /blog/the-black-hole-of-history/ and give us your information.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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