Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bachman according to Barnhardt

Michelle Bachman’s judgment is not worthy of her presidency.  Nobody calls out her lack of judgment better than Ann Barnhardt.  As Ann says in so many words, if you have to rely on moral degenerates to energize your campaign, you may as well kiss it off.

On the Bachmann-Fallon Incident

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - November 23, AD 2011 8:59 PM MST

So, Ann, who are you supporting for President?

NO ONE. It's like a pageant has broken out on the fantail of the Titanic amongst the oblivious at 2:00am on the 15th with the winner to be announced upon docking at the port of New York. That's what this election cycle is like.

But just a quick word about the Michelle Bachmann appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show on NBC, wherein Fallon's band played a song called "Lying @$$ Bi***" to introduce Bachmann.

It goes without saying that Fallon, his band leader and production team are moral degenerates. That's obvious. What I want to talk about is Bachmann.

Okay. You want to be the President of the United States of America, Michelle? You want to be the Commander in Chief? You want to be the leader of the free (?) world? Um, if you can't see an ambush coming from Jimmy Flipping Fallon, who is a former SNL cast member (after the Phil Hartman era which is when SNL stopped being funny), and thus, by definition, a flaming liberal with no class who is wholly reliant on adolescent gutter humor, do you really think that you're qualified to be the CiC? I'm serious. If you and your staff aren't smart enough or self-aware enough to figure out that you don't go walking into obvious set-ups with slack-jawed TV talk show hosts, then do you REALLY think you are going to be able to go up against Putin or the ChiComs? Hon, if you get rolled by JIMMY FALLON, then you won't stand a chance against Hu Jintao.

But then, the very fact that the gateway to the Oval Office is now kept by the likes of undignified flotsam like Jimmy Fallon and these other TV carney hacks is just more proof that this country is officially, totally and irrevocably screwed.

My name is Ann Barnhardt, and I'm #OccupyingReality.

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