Friday, November 11, 2011

“All-American anti-Semite” coming to a TV near you…

A new TV show, “All-American Muslim” begins soon on “The Learning Channel.”  As expected, the producers will portray these kinky folk as “main-stream Americana, struggling to survive in a deeply hostile society.”

How much truth of Islam and Islamic culture and ideology do you think will be revealed.  I will guess “none.”

This is little different from a radio show in the early 40’s depicting an all-American Nazi family joining in conversation around the dinner table sharing stories of how they are persecuted and how great their anti-Semitic Nazi culture is.

I expect some network will soon produce a show titled “All-American Pedophile”.  That should be good for ratings.

Here is the complete story of the new Muslim-embracing show from World Net Daily.

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