Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Cain: Damned if you do; damned if you don’t

Cain's accusers, whoever the heck they are, have successfully put Herman Cain in a “damned if you do – damned if you don’t” situation.

First, an “anonymous” source provides some vague innuendo about an alleged harassment incident 12 years ago by Cain.  Then Cain provides an equally vague response to it that is criticised by the media for being too vague.  So then Cain says a bit more about the anonymous accusation.  Then the attorney for the accuser comes forth and says Cain broke the “silence” agreement concerning the settlement which frees the accuser to spill her guts about the alleged incident.  Now the anonymous accuser says she is “wary of revisiting the episode.”

This is a classic game of gotcha.  Whether the person accused is totally innocent or not.  This is exactly why I hate politics.

This incident is typical of a whiny complaining human whose initial accusation is used only to provoke actions designed to incite, discredit, distract, and make her feel like she is getting some sort of self-aggrandizing vindication for a perceived slight.  Come to think of it, this is the exact same tactic used by the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  Incite and provoke the cops at every turn.  Then out of the thousand times the cops have to respond, they make one slip up which is then used against all cops.  The left has become expersts at this.

And the casual observer, not having all the facts, is left with doubt in his mind about BOTH the accused AND accuser. 

Here is the remedy for that dilemma:

Go with what you know.  If you know anything about the ACCUSED  and  you know NOTHING about the accuser because they choose to remain anonymous, give the benefit of the doubt to the accused and dismiss the accuser’s accusations.  In this case, Herman Cain’s personal integrity has not been an issue and has not been questioned by anyone.  We do need to discover the history and character of the accuser – which may be the very reason she chooses to stay anonymous.  Perhaps she needs a new attorney.

Dick Morris agrees with the need for more information in the clip below…

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Near the end of this clip, Dick promotes his really neat sounding children’s book, Dubs Goes to Washington.  Listen to find out more.

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