Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Screwing the 99%

Ok.  Most of us realize that Occupy Wall Street planners and promoters represent Marxists, Socialists, and those who hate and wish to destroy Capitalism.  We understand that most participants are clueless pawns who have little desire to be decent productive citizens or who are leftists who love the idea of forced income redistribution.

The last bit of sympathy for any aspect of that anarchist movement dissolves when I understand what they are actually doing.  They are blindly attacking every American institution that supports our quality of life.  Not only do they target retail stores that our middle class relies on, not only do they target low cost transportation systems (the New York City subway system) that most workers use,  but here is something else to anticipate.

Next week is the Macy’s day parade – an All-American institution that celebrates Thanksgiving.  What do you think the Occupy Wall Street anarchists will do with THAT event?

How many laws do you think have been flaunted by Occupy participants in the dozen or so cities around the country?

How much tax money was spent on the law enforcement required to keep the mobs at bay?

You also need to understand that the Occupy movement is not just a domestic protest.  It is a global Marxist movement.

Study this poster for a moment.  “Mass…Direct Action” is NOT non-violent.  Shutting down cities, streets, transportation, and businesses cannot be non-violent.  The whole movement is a lie.

Look at the bottom text of this poster:  “Resist Austerity”  What does that mean?  Promote endless spending that has long since bankrupted our nation?  Perpetuate handouts so that the masses of able bodied protestors don’t have to work? 

“Recreate our democracy”:  Does that refer to the desires of these protestors to dominate the rest of us?  Pure democracy has been correctly termed “tyranny of the majority.”  Except in this case, the tyranny is being conducted by mobs of ignorant souls who would like to make us believe they represent the majority.  No way!

Here is a website that focuses on OWS events, organizers, and plans.  Use this resource in addition to your other sources of timely information.  I complement you for staying informed.  Spread the word.

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