Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie warning: J. Edgar

The perverts on the Hollywood left have been masterful on this one.  Not only have they assumed all the innuendo about J. Edgar Hoover’s alleged perversities in this movie, they hammer them into the viewers psyche by making these perversities the major theme.

In fact one statement toward the conclusion of this smear, portrayed as an objective 3rd party conclusion to Hoover’s life, is this line which I loosely quote:

“Love will flourish once the unnatural divisions of mankind can be overcome.”

The “unnatural divisions of mankind” that are referred to in the context of this statement is the distinction between male and female, and the gender roles to which our religion, culture and morality have historically ascribed .  In other words, those who abide by the heterosexual standard are the perverts, and those who eliminate those “horrible divisions” are the real heroes.

Is that a quote from something Hoover actually pronounced or is it the creation of the movie producers?  Since the movie proclaimed that virtually all of Hoover’s secret documents were destroyed, it is most likely a made up Hollywood wish.

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